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Energy Savings Available for Macon County Residents

      Energy costs are rising. Did you know that Macon County and the City of Decatur both have agreements to help their residents save on energy? Macon County has a Municipal Aggregation Agreement with Homefield Energy. Macon County’s current fixed rate is 5.148 cents per kWh until December of 2023. This rate is half the cost of electric supply rates from Ameren at 10.385 cents per kWh. These savings are available to all unincorporated (not in an incorporated city or village) Macon County residents. Use this link to find out more information and sign up:

     The City of Decatur also has a current energy supply agreement with Arcadia Solar. Decatur citizens can opt in to purchase energy from a solar farm and save up to 10% off Ameren rates. Additionally, each new enrolled account will earn a $100 credit on their energy bills. Learn more here: Additional energy savings options are available from Ameren Illinois.

     Ameren recently released an “Energy Care Plan” in response to continued higher energy prices: Additionally, residents can visit to find other cost savings initiatives.

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