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       I think anyone who has served in public office is very much aware of the threats that often come from those who strongly disagree on controversial issues. I remember an incident many years ago when a citizen got so angry at Mayor Gary Anderson that he punched him in the stomach and called him…

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City Beat: Budzinsky, Deering Come Out Swinging In Race For IL 13 Seat

                            The primary election voting machines had barely cooled off when Democrat Nikki Budzinski and Republican Regan Deering started going after each other. Both won their respective primaries in the race for the seat in the new Illinois 13th Congressional District, which includes some…

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City Beat: Some Voting Tips From The Macon County Clerk

       I EARLY voted at the Macon County Office Building Thursday. After I finished I chatted with Macon County Clerk Josh Tanner in another part of the building about some voting misconceptions that are confusing more than a few voters. Josh told me that many residents who want to vote by mail believe that a…

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