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City Beat

City Beat: The Latest On People, Places And Political Races

      • EARLY voting for the June 28 Primary Election is only 3 weeks away, starting on Thursday, May 19. Congressional candidates in the 13th and 15th District races, which involve Decatur and Macon County, are picking up the pace even more as the day draws near.      Republicans Regan Deering and Jesse Reising, and Democrat…

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City Beat: Some Of This And That From Here And There

       • A DAY after last week’s editorial on the lies that politicians tell, one of our readers sent me a link to The Independent which quoted an article from The Washington Post: “According to analysis by the Washington Post, Mr Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims between his first day in office, on…

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City Beat: Why Are So Many Jobs Open In Midst Of Low Unemployment Rate?

       I don’t have to look very far to find businesses that are understaffed because they cannot attract people to work for them. A few businesses have even closed their doors because they could not find anyone to work and the lack service can be felt at several local businesses because they do not have…

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Editor’s Viewpoint: The Continuing Battle Between Good And Evil

       I WAS A child as World War II gripped the world and I didn’t understand a lot about what was going on. I did sense the strong emotional toll the war was taking on the people around me. I remember my mom, who had brothers overseas fighting in such epic battles as the Battle…

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City Beat: ‘The Flop’ Regarding Drive-Through Windows And Liquor Sales

       During the years I served as Decatur’s mayor, I had a lot of interesting people address the city council during the “Appearance of Citizens”.      David Daker was a semi-regular who appeared before us to express his views on controlling drive-through liquor sales. During his appearance one night he asked how drunk a person could…

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