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Regan Deering issues statement on rail strike, inflation

Regan Deering

“It’s mighty rich of the Biden Administration to take credit for solving a crisis that their own mismanagement of the supply chain created,” said Candidate for the 13th Congressional Candidate Regan Deering.

“President Biden’s former senior staffer who was sent from the White House to Illinois to run for Congress, Nikki Budzinski, is quick to brag about her boss’ so-called Inflation Reduction Act. But what she doesn’t tell voters is that it does everything but reduce inflation, as we saw from the 8.3 percent year-over-year increase released this week. Voters in the 13th are not fooled by Nikki’s constant celebration of ineffective solutions for the problems she helped to perpetuate. Illinois voters want a representative who will go to Washington to advocate for their district, not move to their districts to advocate for Washington.”


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