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Schaumburg, July 14, 2022: DUI arrests and other law enforcement efforts are the most significant deterrents to impaired driving. The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) is pleased to release the results of our Annual Illinois DUI Arrest Survey for 2021. AAIM has conducted this survey, which is funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation, for 32 years.

Since 1990, AAIM has conducted an annual survey of Illinois police departments to determine how many DUI arrests they make and to give recognition to the most productive departments and police officers. Nearly 700 police agencies were surveyed with 82% responding. AAIM not only praises these departments and individual officers, but we also continue to encourage them to keep up the fight against drunk driving.

The Decatur Police Department is first in the state in DUI arrests among municipal departments with 353 arrests for 2021. (Because of its size, Chicago is in its own category.) “Removing impaired drivers from the roadway has been a priority for the Decatur Police Department for many years,” states Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel.

“We have witnessed too many times the devastation caused by impaired driving. Our ultimate goal is that our consistent presence on the roadway will encourage people to drive sober and safely. I am proud of the men and women of DPD for their efforts. This is their accomplishment,” said Brandel.


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In 2021, Aurora was second with 325 arrests, Lombard (300), Elgin (276), Franklin Park (255), Bloomington (252), Carol Stream (250), Elmhurst (235), and Naperville (227). “Progress has been made to help eliminate the devastation caused by impaired driving in Illinois. While frustratingly slow, many lives have been saved,” said Rita Kreslin, AAIM Executive Director. “Focused efforts and cooperation of law enforcement agencies, traffic safety advocates, and communities have helped to prevent crashes and save thousands of lives.”

The biggest increase in arrests among the top departments was in Franklin Park (91.7%) where DUI arrests jumped significantly in 2021 compared to 2020. Other municipalities with increases from 2021 to 2020 are Aurora (62.5%), Elmhurst (41.6%), Lombard (36.4%), Elgin (18.5%) and Carol Stream (11.6%).

The highest DUI arrest rate in the state among departments making at least 200 arrests was Franklin Park, which had 5.54 arrests per sworn officer. The second highest rate of 4.76 was in Lombard. Arrests per officer are an indicator of a department’s emphasis on DUI enforcement and are a measure that can be used to compare smaller departments.

Arrests made by the Chicago Police decreased by 27.6% in 2021 (1,622) compared to 2020 (2,240). Illinois State Police arrests increased by 10.9% in 2021 (6,596) compared to 2020 (5,947). The sheriff’s department reporting the most DUI arrests was Winnebago County (420), while Lake (338), McHenry (232), Macon (218) and McLean (179) Counties round out the top five sheriff departments.

Illinois’ Top Cop with 298 DUI arrests is Illinois State Police Trooper Eric David. AAIM also commends ISP Trooper Lucas Sniady with 217 DUI arrests, ISP Trooper Christopher Wittemann, with 164 arrests, ISP Trooper Cory Fox, with 134 DUI arrests, and, Chicago Police Officer Jeffrey Kriv who arrested 114 impaired drivers, for their lifesaving efforts.

“We are grateful for the law enforcement officers and first responders who put their lives on the line daily to keep our communities and roads safe. Unfortunately, innocent, law-abiding people often suffer tragic consequences when an impaired driver gets behind the wheel of a car. Think before you make a preventable life-changing decision,” said Kreslin.

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AAIM is an Illinois-only citizen activist group founded in 1982 by victims of drunk driving. Prevention, victim advocacy, and legislation encompass the mission of AAIM, a recognized Illinois expert on these issues. The survey provides a valuable service to Illinois citizens by encouraging them to compare the DUI enforcement record of their local police department with that of other communities. As a result, public pressure can be applied, where needed, to encourage DUI enforcement as a priority.

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