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Nikki Budzinski Campaign: Regan Deering Makes Destroying Public Schools a Central Part of Campaign Plan


Nikki Buzinski

Democrat Nikki Budzinski’s campaign took a shot at opponent Regan Deering stating “Last week, multi-millionaire heiress Regan Deering proudly outlined her plan to gut Illinois’ public school system and her commitment to abolishing public education as we know it as a central focus of her campaign for Congress in Illinois’ 13th Congressional district. Nikki Budzinski made the following statement: “My grandmother was a public school teacher in Illinois — I’m proud to come from a family of teachers and have spent my life fighting for working families. What people here in Central and Southern Illinois know is that our local teachers, staff, and public schools are the backbone of our community. “I am proud to have attended public schools and received a great education. I believe every child should have access to a bright future, regardless of their background or zip code. Regan’s plan would deny our children equal access to education and opportunity. “It’s disappointing but not surprising that Regan would be so excited about ending public education as we know it. She is out of touch with working families in Central and Southern Illinois.”

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