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Conservative Rep. Mary Miller Endorsed by CPAC and Turning Point Action

ILLINOIS – Congresswoman Mary Miller was endorsed today by CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Coalition, after receiving a 100% Rating from the American Conservative Union as one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives.
Miller’s opponent, Rodney Davis, received a 59% “F” Rating and was ranked as one of the most liberal Republicans in the House.
Rep. Miller was endorsed earlier this week by Turning Point Action, a grassroots conservative organization led by Illinois native Charlie Kirk.
“I am honored to be endorsed by every major conservative grassroots organization, including CPAC and Turning Point’s endorsements this week, based on my 100% conservative voting record in support of the Second Amendment, religious liberty, and our Constitutional principles,” said Rep. Miller, who is the only member from Illinois in the conservative House Freedom Caucus.
Miller added, “I have been endorsed by President Donald J. Trump because of my bold, America First leadership in Congress, and I will continue fighting against RINOs like Rodney Davis who voted for gun confiscation and the sham January 6th Commission.”
Congresswoman Mary Miller is consistently rated as one of the most conservative, pro-Trump members of Congress while Rodney Davis is consistently ranked as one of the most liberal Republicans. The “Liberty Score” from the Conservative Review scores Mary Miller as an “A” but  Rodney Davis as an “F” based on their voting records.
While Rep. Mary Miller is 100% pro-Second Amendment and supports border security,  Rodney Davis voted for Joe Biden’s red-flag gun confiscation proposal and worked with Adam Kinzinger to push amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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