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Macon County Democrats Celebrate Women Elected Officials,

DECATUR, IL – The women’s rights activist Alice Paul once proclaimed that, “Unless women are prepared to fight politically, they must be content to be ignored politically.”  On International Women’s Day, the Macon County Democratic Central Committee wants to celebrate all the women elected officials in Macon County, and thank them for ensuring women’s voices cannot be ignored locally.


Doris Turner

Sue Scherer

County :

Helena Buckner

Verzell Taylor

Marcy Rood

Pat Dawson

Debra Kraft

Linda Little

Kristen Larner

Carol Reed

Mary Eaton

Sherry Doty


Lisa Gregry

Jullie Moore Wolfe

Alana Banks

Kim Althoff


Lisa Stanley

Ada Owens

Vicki Sheets

Sherry Koszesza

Cheryl Marty

 Penny J. Allen

 Carla Zerfowski

In addition, it is important to take stock of the battles women still have to face in America today.  While there are more women in politics today than ever before, issues around equality still plague our society.  From making sure women are paid equitably to defending our reproductive health freedoms with the Women’s Health Protection Act, the fight to ensure the inclusion of all issues related to women is ongoing.  The Macon County Democratic Central Committee extends a thank you to everyone in Macon County that has taken an active role in improving the lives of women, from our female elected officials above, to every one that volunteers for a campaign, writes a postcard, or calls their representative.

If you or someone you know is interested in running for office, or wants to become more active politically on issues affecting women, please contact the Macon County Democratic Central Committee by emailing or following the committee on Facebook.

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