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     At the last City Council meeting, the City of Decatur Mayor and City Council approved a new electric supply agreement with Homefield Energy for all residential and small commercial electrical accounts within Decatur. Decatur secured a rate of 4.525 cents Kwh versus the current Ameren rate of 5.34 cents Kwh. This represents nearly a 20% savings for our residents and small businesses on their electric supply.

     Over the next couple of weeks, Ameren customers in the City of Decatur will receive a letter from Homefield indicating this new contract pricing and providing customers the option to opt out. Some residents may have already received this letter. We recommend our residents and small businesses do not opt out, so they may take advantage of the average of $161 dollars of savings on their power bills over the next 12 months. The process for opting out of said program is established by State statute, and residents which choose to do so may enclose their postcard in an envelope to protect personal information.

     For those residents and businesses which do not opt out of this program, this supply price will be in effect for 12 months beginning December 2020. This no cost program run by the City of Decatur will save Decatur utility customers more than $5 Million in electric bills over the next year. Residents can opt out of the program at any time at no cost, should they desire to do so. They may also relocate anywhere in the City and realize these same savings.

     If you have any questions, please contact: City of Decatur Deputy City Manager, Jon Kindseth at or (217) 424-2801.

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