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Future plans for Decatur Public Transit could include micro-transit options, transportation hubs


Decatur, IL – The Decatur Public Transit System will continue modernizing its transportation services, with plans to introduce micro-transit options and overhaul the current fixed-route system.
     The Decatur City Council reviewed plans at a study session on Monday night and gave City staff the go-ahead to continue modernization efforts. No formal action was taken at the study session. Major changes in the works include reducing the number of fixed-routes, creating decentralized transportation/mobility hubs, and implementing micro-transit (ride-share similar to Uber) options.
     The City’s transit routes have not substantially changed in more than 20 years. A recently-completed comprehensive operations analysis recommends a reduction in fixed-routes. Consultants in the report suggest routes should focus on key commercial and shopping areas and enhance connectivity between the east and west areas of town. It is proposed that the number of fixed-routes be reduced from 16 to 10. The reduction should allow Transit to increase the frequency of how often buses run.
     Transportation/mobility hubs are also a recommendation. Currently the downtown hub is the only location to transfer to another bus route. Consultants have proposed to establish several transportation hubs along the new fixed-route system where riders could transfer to-and-from fixed bus routes, which would run more frequently.
     Adding micro-transit services is the key component. Micro-transit utilizes a range of smaller vehicles (vans, SUVs, shuttles, etc.) to pick up riders from assigned stops and take them to assigned stops near their destinations, in conjunction with the pick-up and drop-off of other riders. This would be similar to a ride-share service like Uber.
     An end-goal is to implement a micro-transit app where riders find their best transportation option. It may be a connection to a fixed-route bus by going to a transportation hub, or it may be a micro-transit solution. These new transportation services could be implemented in the first quarter of 2025. The City will follow up with more information as new services are implemented.
     More information about these topics can be found in the City Council Study Session packet, downloadable/viewable here:

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    They’re need to fix to get greyhound to stop downtown

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