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      The Sanitary District of Decatur (SDD) is launching a dedicated hotline for customers in Decatur and Macon County to quickly report issues within the Sanitary District’s jurisdiction. The goal is to provide a convenient and efficient way for the public to report various sanitation-related issues, fostering enhanced communication between the community and the Sanitary District.

     The hotline, reachable at 1-447-CALL-SDD, is designed to streamline the reporting process for concerns such as sewage overflows, missing manhole covers, and odors emanating from ditches, creeks, or other bodies of water and other issues handled by SDD. By introducing this accessible channel, SDD aims to empower residents to play an active role in maintaining the sanitation standards of their neighborhoods.

      “We understand the importance of community involvement in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. This hotline not only provides a quick and simple way for residents to report issues but also demonstrates our commitment to open communication. We value the partnership with our community and believe this hotline will further strengthen our relationship with the residents of Decatur and Macon County,” said SDD Executive Director Kent Newton.

     The hotline will be accessible 24 hours a day with an option to leave a message or contact an on-duty SDD staff member.

 Key features of the hotline:

·        Efficient Reporting: Residents can report sanitation issues quickly and easily by dialing 1-447-CALL-SDD.

·        24/7 Availability: The hotline is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that residents can report issues at any time.

·        Prompt Response: SDD is dedicated to responding promptly to all reported concerns, addressing them with urgency.

·        Community partnership: The hotline emphasizes the importance of collaboration between SDD and the community in maintaining a sanitary and healthy community.

 Common reportable SDD issues include:

·        Overflow of sewage (water that is not clear, smells or contains solid material)

·        Missing manhole covers

·        If you smell or see sewage on the ground or in a ditch, creek, or other waterbody

·        Sanitary District Vehicles driving erratically

·        To verify if SDD Staff are working in your area

·        To report vandalism/damage or odor at a lift station

·        General questions about sanitary district property taxes or user fees (not individual billing questions)

Common Issues outside SDD jurisdiction include:

·        Questions about garbage or recycling services

·        Questions about water usage fees on specific bills unless you receive a bill directly from SDD.

·        Sewer Odors inside houses or buildings

·        Animal carcass removal

The Sanitary District of Decatur encourages residents to utilize the hotline to report any sanitation-related issues promptly.

About the Sanitary District of Decatur

The Sanitary District of Decatur is the regional wastewater treatment authority for central Macon County providing wastewater treatment services to more than 80,000 residents of Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion, Argenta, Oreana, and for industrial and commercial users in the Decatur metropolitan area.

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