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City Council Approves Slew Of Local Roadwork Projects, Demolitions In Oko Neighborhood






Highlights from the August 21, 2023, Decatur City Council meeting include the approval of numerous local roadwork projects, the demolition of structures in the Old King’s Orchard neighborhood, and the adoption of a cost-sharing policy for emergency sewer lateral repairs.

Local roadwork

On Monday night the Decatur City Council approved bids for numerous roadwork projects of local streets using state and local motor fuel taxes (MFT). Over $2.4 million will be spent on 16 streets maintained by the City of Decatur. The City is using local contractor Dunn Company for this 2023 Local Street Improvement Project.
The projects funded by $1.325 million in state MTF are: Franklin St, Airport Plaza Dr, Maryland St, 27th St, Boyd Rd, Main St, Fitzgerald Rd, Airport Rd, First Dr, Mound Rd.
Projects funded by $1.08 million in local MFT include: Northland Dr, Garfield Ave, Forest Ave, Decatur St, Faries Pkwy, Main St.
This work should be completed by May 2024. We appreciate patience from motorists as we fix and rebuild the streets of Decatur.

Demolitions in OKO neighborhood

Council also approved the demolition of six structures in the Old King’s Orchard neighborhood. They all rest on the same two adjoining city blocks and are on property owned by the City. Ownership of this land will eventually be transferred to The Good Samaritan Inn to support their urban agriculture project previously announced.
The urban agriculture project is being funded by state and federal grants. Old King’s Orchard Community Center is also involved.

Emergency Sewer Lateral Repairs

Similar to other cost-sharing programs, City Council adopted another policy allowing the City to assist with the cost of emergency repairs to private sanitary sewer laterals. The City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Division manages an emergency program using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, which had not included emergency sanitary lateral repairs due to the high cost.
The new policy allows the City to use a combination of CDBG funds and Sewer Funds to assist with emergency sanitary lateral needs. A typical spot repair can range from $8,000 – $12,000, and the City’s emergency program can now provide up to $15,000 for sewer lateral repair.
We will release more information about how to apply for this assistance once the Neighborhood Revitalization Department is ready to accept applications.

In other business

In other business…The City will expand its Fiber Optic Network north of Richland Community College towards Hospitality Lane. This northeast quadrant of the city has seen recent economic development and this project furthers the City Council’s vision to extend access to City Fiber in other parts of the community.

More information about these topics can be found in the City Council Agenda packet, downloadable/viewable here:


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