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The Carol Lynn Fuller Foundation will cosponsor the Spring Music and Art Gala May 6



The Carol Lynn Fuller Foundation will cosponsor the Spring Music and Art Gala to raise funds for brain cancer research and education. The event will be held Saturday, May 6 from to 12 noon to 6:00 p.m. at Golden Fox Brewing, 2874 N. Dineen St., Decatur.

The goal is to combine music and art into raising funds for brain cancer research while showcasing talented local artists and musicians and increasing public awareness on brain cancer.

The May 6 event came about from a chance meeting at Golden Fox Brewing in December, between Bob Fuller, who recently lost his wife to Gliobalstoma and Jim Fox, who is losing a valued family friend to the same deadly brain cancer. Jim Fox was already in the process of looking to fund raise for brain cancer research working with Stache Strong, a 501c3 organization. Stache works with microbreweries specifically to raise money for brain cancer research. Jim provided Bob with a media package from Stache which got Bob thinking over the next month, “What can I do?.” Bob went ahead in January and formed a not-for-profit, “The Carol Lynn Fuller Foundation, LTD with hopes to combine music and art into a fundraising event alongside Jim’s efforts. The event went from a mere idea to now a reality. Bob and Jim want to make a difference going forward and will make this an annual weekend long event in the proceeding years to come. Bob has cataloged and reproduced a number of Carol Lynn’s artwork that will be offered for sale, including canvases, prints, calendars and coffee mugs with all proceeds being directed to brain cancer research centers in Illinois. They hope to increase the public awareness on brain cancer and the severe level of underfunding of research where the vast majority of money comes from private contributions, working together, we can make a difference.

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