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Deering campaign responds to what it calls sexist Budzinski campaign ad

Regan Deering

Regan 4 Congress Communications Director Whitney Barnes released following statement in response to the recent Nikki for Congress ads about Regan Deering:

“Regan was adopted into a loving family and is proud of her career giving back to her community as a science teacher, small business owner and advocate.

“Nikki Budzinski campaigned and worked for heir to the Hyatt fortune Gov. JB Prtizker and now, in an overwhelming display of sexism and hypocrisy, she’s spending millions of her special interest dollars painting Regan as an ‘heiress’ because apparently to Nikki, inherited wealth is only ok if you’re a man.

“She’s desperately trying to use Regan’s finances to distract from a week of bad press around the fact that she can’t answer simple questions like, “What services did you provide as a consultant to lobbyists and special interest groups to earn half a million dollars?”

“‘Working people’ in the 13th District can generally say what they do for a living, and I assure you their response is never, ‘I followed all ethics laws.’

“Nikki is out-of-touch and out of time and the people of the 13th Congressional District are not going to be fooled by her sexism or lies.”


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  1. Sue Falk on October 28, 2022 at 5:58 pm

    Glad to see Regan answered to this ridiculous ad by Nikki. Heiresses don’t have to take “dark mo ey” like Nikki did! What shall we call her? Certainly not Congress person! Who will she answer to if she got elected. We know how Regan got her money…the old fashioned way… family hard work

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