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 Regan Deering Campaign: Nikki Budzinski implemented giving nearly $1 billion in stimulus money to prisoners


Regan Deering

Decatur, IL  – As President Biden’s Chief of Staff for the Office of Management and Budget, Nikki Budzinski was responsible for implementing the American Rescue Plan issuing nearly a billion dollars in stimulus payments to American prisoners, including mass murderers.

Dylan Roof the neo-Nazi who murdered nine people at a South Carolina church in 2015, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who was one of the bombers who killed three people and injured approximately 280 at the Boston Marathon in 2013, were among the nearly 645,000 incarcerated people who received checks.

Senate Democrats blocked an amendment introduced by three Republican senators to prohibit stimulus checks to, “any individual who is incarcerated in a Federal or State prison.” If adopted, the proponents said the amendment would have saved taxpayers approximately $1.9 billion.

“When Nikki Budzinski discusses implementing President Biden’s inflation-causing American Rescue Plan, she doesn’t mention that nearly $1 billion of the money she was shelling out for supposed ‘working families’ went to incarcerated individuals,” said candidate for the 13th Congressional District Regan Deering. “I believe in our justice system and in the redemption that comes with time served. But proactively spending taxpayer money in this way is disrespectful to law-abiding Americans who are now paying the highest inflation in forty years as a direct result of this reckless spending. Convicted mass murderers don’t deserve stimulus checks and Nikki Budzinski doesn’t deserve to represent 13th District families in Congress.”

The American Rescue Plan is a $1.9 trillion package that included stimulus checks for Americans that both liberal and conservative experts say is directly responsible for the US’ higher pace of inflation compared to other advanced economies.

Rather than continuing to defend the increased spending that caused inflation, the Biden Buzinski team is changing messaging. President Biden is now encouraging Americans to save money  and Budzinski has dropped her implementation of the failed American Rescue Plan from her stump speech and is focusing on repealing federal tax cuts that save the average Illinois family over $1,000 per year.

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