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Deering: Budzinski remains silent on $700 billion spending bill not expected to reduce inflation as grocery prices hit 43-year high





Regan Deering

(Belleville, IL) – MarketWatch reports Americans are experiencing the largest price increase for groceries since 1979.

Unfortunately for Illinois families struggling to buy basic necessities, the Biden Administration’s so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will not reduce inflation, but could increase it according to multiple experts.

“The skyrocketing cost of groceries is alarming and must be addressed immediately,” said Regan Deering, candidate for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. “Access to affordable, nutritious food is especially vital for growing children and seniors on a fixed income. It is terrifying that the Biden Administration is prioritizing $700 billion for everything other than reducing inflation.”

The industry standard Penn Wharton Budget Model found that the $700 billion spending package’s impact on inflation, “is statistically indistinguishable from zero, indicating a low level of confidence that the legislation would have any measurable impact on inflation.”

“The people of the 13th District deserve to know whether their candidate for Congress supports the ramming through of this $700 billion spending package that experts say will not reduce the heavy inflation they are struggling to overcome,” said Regan for Congress Campaign Manager Melanie Meyers. “Despite having served as President Biden’s Chief of Staff of the Office of Management and Budget, Nikki Budzinski is refusing to answer this basic question – does she support the Inflation Reduction Act and the tax increases it imposes on Illinois families or not?”

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