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An update on new ambulance services for Decatur & Macon County



Decatur, IL – The Decatur Macon County Ambulance group has begun reviewing a number of proposals from companies interested in providing ambulance services to Decatur & Macon County.

City staff and our medical providers and first responder partners are encouraging interested companies to finalize and submit their formal proposals so the review process can continue and City licensure can begin.

“We are happy with the quantity and quality of the interest and proposals we have received so far,” said Decatur City Manager Scot Wrighton. “These are high-quality regional ambulance companies and we are confident they will be able to step in to provide protection for all citizens of Macon County.”

While the City of Decatur can only issue a license to operate ambulance services for Decatur, the ambulance working group has always had a regional focus. City staff has engaged with city leaders and community leaders from across Macon County to get feedback and provide updates on the search. The goal is to ensure equitable EMS coverage and protection for all citizens of Macon County.

We will continue to keep the community updated on this search for new service providers.

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