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The Macon County Sheriff’s Office Announces a New Public Safety Partnership with Offender Watch





Macon County Sheriff Jim Root, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Offender Watch.  This partnership is a public safety solution that will help deliver effective, proactive sex offender registration, management, and public notification.  Offender Watch is a comprehensive sex offender management system that will modernize the way sex offenders are tracked in Macon County.   

In addition to the management system, the Sheriff has committed to a Family Safety App which can alert parents when their children are communicating with a registered sex offender.  Parents can set up alerts if their child has communications with a known offender email, phone or social media identifiers.   The App also notifies parents if their child is within 500 feet proximity of a registered sex offender’s address.  Area residents will receive a notice via US Mail if a registered sex offender moves nearby. 

The Sheriff’s Office makes the safety of the citizens we serve a priority and protecting children is the highest.  The release of this product will create a more efficient process when offenders move in or out of the County, improves communication and record sharing between law enforcement agencies, makes the process of registering offenders more efficient, improves investigations with advanced search, interagency collaboration and mobile operations.  

A website link will be available through the Sheriff’s Office website and through the newly released Sheriff Smartphone App once data has been migrated and training is completed.  For more information on Offender Watch and the Family Safety App, go to 

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