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Regan Deering releases her first ad of the General Election

Regan Deering

Decatur, IL– The Regan Deering for Congress campaign released its first ad of the General Election on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 to the cable airwaves across Illinois’ 13th. This made Regan Deering the first candidate in the race to go up on television.

The first ad titled, “Central Illinois” was filmed right here in Decatur, showcasing the Deering’s residence, and a local gas station, highlighting the rising fuel costs everyday Americans have had to face thanks to Biden’s disastrous administration.

It was important to Regan to film her ads right here at home, using real people who understand the need for Regan to be in Congress. Not in the swamp studios of Washington with out-of-touch actors.

Regan looks forward to using this ad to showcase her commitment to change Washington, secure the border, fully FUND the police and stop the Biden & Pelosi spending agenda.

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