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Editor Paul Osborne

     After it appeared that an antibiotic for pneumonia, which appeared on an x-ray of my lungs wasn’t working, my doctor decided Friday morning for more tests and lab work. After completing that move, and heading back to the newspaper office, I received a call from my doctor’s office that I should immediately go to the emergency entrance of the hospital and get checked out!

     So, it wasn’t long after arriving at Decatur Memorial Hospital that about every conceivable test known to man started and I ended up in the Intermediate Care Unit at mid-day Friday. Indications were that I didn’t have pneumonia but Congestive Heart Failure! Hearing that about gave me heart failure!

     So, instead of working the City Beat and other aspects of the Tribune’s operation, I spent Friday through Monday afternoon in a hospital bed where I was poked with more needles than a porcupine, x-rayed, cat scanned and given about every test known to mankind!

     By the time I was released Monday afternoon I had to immediately finish this edition of the Tribune so if you see more mistakes than usual, it must be the lingering impact of all the medication, (Maybe the writing will be better under medication.)

      I don’t really want to make light of what I experienced because if it wasn’t for the skill of the doctors and other health care professionals at DMH, and especially the grace of God, my obituary instead of my column would be appearing on the obituary pages. (I wrote about my experience with Congestive Heart Failure in my “Viewpoint” column also posted on this website today.)

     I don’t want any of you ignoring any of the signs that I essentially ignored, almost to a place of no return. For those of you aware of what happened last week, thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. I believe in prayer and the One who answers prayers. Stay safe and well — and don’t ignore signs that something bad is happening in your body. I’ve really learned a lot about staying healthier or suffering the consequences.

     • THANKS to members of my family, who live in the area, or many miles away, who touched my heart with their concern for me and my well-being.

     • BY THE WAY, I was so impressed with all of the personnel at Decatur Memorial Hospital during my stay there. They were great to be around with obvious concerns and care and putting the patient first. Although a hospital stay is not on anyone’s favorite destination list, the way I was cared for could not been better or more encouraging. I was very impressed with what I experienced and had complete confidence in the care given to me during my stay. Thank you DMH.

    ENDORSEMENTS:  Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly, a central labor council of the AFL-CIO representing 13,000 union members and retirees in Macon County, has announced their endorsements for Decatur School Board, Decatur Park Board and Decatur Township to join the previously endorsed Decatur City Council candidates. Here’s the total endorsement list: • Decatur City Council David Horn Jacob Jenkins Will Wetzel • Decatur School Board Al Scheider Kevin Collins-Brown Ferlaxnes Carson Krystal Johnson • Decatur Park Board Stacey Young Bob Brilley • Decatur Township Vicki Sheets – Assessor Lisa Stanley – Supervisor Ada Owens – Clerk Gary Brennan – Road Com. Derrick Thaxton – Trustee Mike Smith – Trustee Hakeemah Leverson – Trustee Devon Joyner – Trustee

     The mission of Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly, AFL-CIO, of Macon County is to improve the lives of working families—to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our state and the nation. The organization is a key part of the nation’s largest and strongest labor federation—the AFL-CIO, which unites 10 million working women and men of every race and ethnicity and from every walk of life. Endorsements were based on the priorities of candidates in relation to the issues of working families.

     • MORE next week as the General Election is only a few weeks away and voters have a lot to consider.

     • JOIN me for WSOY’s Byers & Co. Thursday morning at 7:00 as Brian and I discuss local issues and people on the “City Hall Insider”. portion of the show.


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