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Paul Schimpf

      Paul Schimpf, former State Senator, Marine Corps Veteran, and the lead American attorney advisor to the Iraqi Prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein announced he is running for Governor of Illinois in a Zoom press conference. He also aired an announcement video before starting a 2-day press tour throughout Illinois.

     During his live zoom announcement, Senator Schimpf said, “Illinois needs a Governor who understands the day-to-day challenges that we all face, a Governor who will live by the same rules that the rest of us follow, and, most importantly, a Governor who will stand up to the entrenched special interest groups who have severely damaged our state.”

     Schimpf also noted that while other people have been leaving Illinois, he along with his wife and two sons returned to Illinois and will always call it home. In a much needed positive message to the people of Illinois, Schimpf stated, “As I start this campaign, I am going to make a pledge to work hard, tell the truth, and keep my promises. But I am also requesting your help, as well. Together, we can renew Illinois. Renewing Illinois will not be easy. It will take trust, leadership, and sacrifice. But make no mistake, renewal is possible if we work together and believe in the future of our state.”

     For more information on Mr. Schimpf, visit

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