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DECATUR, IL- CDC and IDPH have recently put out updated guidance regarding quarantine time periods and possible adjustments that can be made, if approved by the local health department. The CDC still recommends a quarantine period of 14 days, despite the allowance of these shortened quarantined timeframes. If the shortened time periods strategy is implemented, the residual post-quarantine transmission risk is estimated to be 1-12%. This can be a significant amount of infectious people out of quarantine early and subsequentlyspreading the virus. According to IDPH, “Due to the risk of severe illness and congregatetransmission, IDPH does not recommend application of the two shortened quarantine options in congregate settings (i.e. long-term care facilities and homeless shelters)”.

The Macon County Health Department has elected to still implement and advise the 14 day quarantine time period to ensure utmost prevention of spread of illness. In Macon County, we have had 147 residents with COVID-19 pass away. Our mortality rate is significant and concerning, placing our county as one of the highest in the state. Our positivity rate is still over the target and we expect surges following gatherings held throughout the holiday season. Our team will continue to monitor the situation to determine if these shortened time periods can eventually be adopted. However, this will not be evaluated until at least late January. This decision was made with aim to protect as many residents as possible and we strongly encourage community residents to follow quarantine and isolation guidance as directed by our team.

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