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Disappointed In City Council’s Use Of Motor Fuel Tax Fund

Dear Editor:

     I am really disappointed in the Decatur City Council’s usage of the motor fuel tax fund. The fund was supposed to fix our roads not favor a certain business. First, the council voted to use $350,000 to help build Love Truck Stop and now like Santa Claus, they are handing the Gin Mill $32,000 for part of its outside dining area. What next? I know the restaurants are going through hard times, but so are our streets and roads. When election time comes, remember who voted to hand out free candy.

Charlotte Pickett, Decatur

Realistic Questions Regarding The Opening Of School

Dear Editor:

     No child or teacher should be put in harm’s way when returning to school. What happens when one child becomes infected in a classroom? Are all children and the teacher quarantined for two weeks? What about the bus driver and students on the bus? Does everyone have to be tested and who gives “clearance” to return to school/work? How will parents be notified and who keeps a record of those infected? What about the substitute teacher who travels from classroom to classroom and building to building? Children are like little incubators and the classroom is the Petri Dish waiting to sprout. Try keeping a mask on a pre-school child or an elementary child all day. What happens when the mask breaks, soils or is lost?

     Who has a supply of replacement masks and who will pay for them? Teachers? Who supervises students going to the restroom, at lunch, before and after school? Is the bus fleet large enough to handle “split” shift days or multiple runs during the day? Who will disinfect the buses, when, where, at what cost? How will half day sessions impact parents? Day care? Child care? Who determines which children will attend which half-day session?

     Why should any parent send their child to school wondering if this will be the day the child will become infected and potentially pass the virus to all family members? What happens when a student or teacher dies and becomes a part of DeVos’s .02% expected to die? What lasting emotional and physical impacts will these passings have on children, teachers and staff? Can teachers really teach and students learn under these conditions? What about teachers’ emotional health as well as their physical health?

     Perhaps, we need to rethink sending children and teachers back to school until a vaccine is developed and conditions are non-threatening to education and life. Stress is a brutal classroom companion. What happens if your child, wife/husband, or daughter/son be-comes a statistic? Was it worth the chance?

Barry A. Buttz, Decatur

Mask Wearing Decatur Tribune Editor’s Brain Needs More Oxygen

Dear Editor:

     We haven’t been reading much at the Branson family of the Decatur CV news. But we couldn’t believe you don’t get how more testing does in fact result in new cases – “revealed” cases if you will.

     Whatever problem you had with Trump’s comment doesn’t ring true. Trump obviously meant if we stopped testing we would have no more CV cases and that increased testing would result in more cases since CV is very easily transmitted, masks or not. That seems very easy to understand.

     Regardless, everyone is likely to be exposed at some point to the virus WHICH IS GOOD unless your health or living conditions make you extremely susceptible to all viruses. And up to 80% will be asymptomatic. That means for many when you are exposed you will have fewer symptoms than a catching a cold.

     Take off the mask Paul. Brains still need O2!

Rob Branson Hendersonville, N.C.

Thanks For The Memories Of Rogers And Other Local Theatres

Dear Paul:

     I really enjoyed reading once again about the Rogers Theatre on E. Wood Street. When I was about 5 or 6 we lived on Bon Aire Court off Cantrell St. and my dad worked 2nd shift so my mom and I walked to the Rogers and saw several great movies (those that were suitable for a 6 year old) and on Saturday my mom or dad took me to see the cowboy movies that were on each Saturday. I have fond memories of the Rogers, The Varsity and especially the Alhambra where I once saw Roy Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans, on stage as well as Gene Autry. Great memories. As Bob Hope’s theme song said, “Thanks for the Memories”.

Jerry L. Lambert, Esq., Flossmoor, IL.

Decatur Needs To Enforce COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Dear Editor:

     In the absence of a vaccine, more effective treatment and extensive testing, some of the most effective tools to stop the spread of COVID-19 include wearing a face covering, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. Not all entities are using these three tools. Decatur residents want safety guidelines enforced. The city conducted a COVID-19 Awareness and Impact Survey between April 22 – May 6 in which 1,688 residents responded.

     Based on the responses to the survey’s open-ended question, citizens had three main concerns: “… better enforcement of measures particularly at shops and big stores …” (such as social distancing), “… wearing masks in public to be made mandatory …”, and “a call for a slow, calculated and monitored reopening of the economy …” Safety guidelines have been issued for entities ranging from retail stores to schools.

     For example, employees at restaurants and bars should wear face coverings and tables should be at least 6 ft. apart. Many establishments are following the guidelines, but not all. One way to address citizen concerns is by requiring entities that sell liquor or engage in video gambling to follow safety guidelines as a condition of the licenses they obtain from the city. Licensed establishments that do not could be fined (the fines might in turn be used to provide COVID-19-related aid). Decatur’s economic recovery will require citizens having assurance that the entities they frequent are safe, and I am very thankful to the many individuals and entities that are following safety guidelines.

     When entities refuse to follow guidelines, it can corrode confidence in both the entity and the city. The Decatur City Council can and should instill confidence that our city is and will remain safe. This can be achieved through greater enforcement of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

David J. Horn, Decatur City Council

A Hostile Takeover

To the Editor

     As some Americans mourn the loss of two courageous fighters for justice and freedom, John Lewis and CT Vivian, millions mourn the tens of thousands who have died from COVID19. Lewis and other civil rights icons battled the same enemies we face today. It is the ruling class led by a Republican Party willing to sacrifice ordinary Americans to back their dictator- In- chief in spite of record corruption, thousands of lies, and complete incompetence. Not one Republican has risen to oppose seeking foreign influence in our elections, risen to demand a response to Putin paying bounties on our troops, or violating the rights of peaceful demonstrators. Donors first, Party second, and voter suppression at all costs. Republican cowardice is now legendary.

     Whether they vocally supported Trump policy [Rodney Davis], remained silent, or worked in secret to undermine our democracy by voter suppression, they are as guilty as Trump and his goons. The right to vote, is once again in jeopardy. How far will they go? They had the chance during the Impeachment Trial, to save our democracy and tens of thousands of lives, but once again betrayed our nation and its citizens. When you are led by a coward, you become one. That cowardice has put the blood of thousands of Americans on their hands. Is Covid19, which disproportionately affects minorities, another voter suppression strategy?

     Media pundits muse on what Trump will do to keep the Oval Office. Trump bragged that police and the military is backing him. Will the illegal and fascist acts taking place in Portland, Oregon, decide who the next President is? The fear Americans expressed during the formation of Homeland Security, has now become reality. Will armed insurrection by Trump be a bridge too far for Republicans or a bridge to corporate fascism?

Mike Griffin, Decatur

What A Messed Up System Over A Traffic Ticket!

Dear Paul,

     On Dec. 17 last year I sent you an email about getting a traffic ticket and how messed up the whole thing was. I thought it was “done” when I emailed you! Well now there is more of the same story!!! On Dec. 30 I received a letter from the Secretary of State informing me that my driving license was to be “suspended” for 3 months! The letter showed my charge and informed me that from February 21, 2020 untill May 21, 2020 my license was suspended. I was to mail my license to them so they received it by Feb. 21 AND no less than 45 days before the ‘end’ of the suspension I must pay them $70 to get my license back. I did all of this to the letter!!!! Today July 18, I have yet to receive my license back!!!!

     I contacted Dan Caulkins’ office (my state rep) this week to see if they could inquire on my behalf. It seems that on Jan. 1, 2020 the law changed AND they destroyed my license. The “paperwork” I received is obsolete. The $70 fee for returning my license is still in effect BUT now I must pay ANOTHER $5 and get a “replacement” license.

     Paul I ask you, Is our state government messed up or what? I broke the law, paid the fine, followed the directions that I received – to the letter, BUT the DIRECTIONS have changed AND I was not informed AND their hand is still out wanting MORE money (to waste). What are we going to do???

     Keep publishing the GREAT paper Paul!!!

     Dan Weber, Mt Zion 



  1. Roger German on July 22, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    Mr Horn, the city council doesn’t have the lawful authority to punish we citizens for not wearing a mask. Such an act is dictatorial…. stop trying to criminalize our constitutionally protected rights. The Illinois constitution, that LAW applies to the Decatur city council too.

  2. Roger German on July 22, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    Mr Buttz, I don’t recall Decatur Public Schools ever closing because of a flu epidemic. I remember a year where I contracted a particularly nasty strain of the flu and couldn’t get in to see my doctor because of the high number of flu cases. We survived, the schools never shut down. Stop the fear mongering

  3. Roger German on July 22, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    Mr Griffin, you stated “Not one Republican has risen to oppose seeking foreign influence in our elections, risen to demand a response to Putin paying bounties on our troops, or violating the rights of peaceful demonstrators.” Why would they rise?? For what purpose? Do you think the laws currently allow it? LOL

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