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Rep. Sue Scherer

Due to the closure of schools, state Rep. Sue Scherer, D-Decatur, worked to help students and teachers adapt to remote learning, ensure students receive credit for their work and expand access to college financial aid, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

      “I’m pleased we were able to work with the Illinois State Board of Education to create a system allowing teachers and students to adequately adjust to remote learning. I care for the people of Illinois, that passion includes working to continually improve our education system,” said Scherer. “These adjustments are tough especially for those students who were graduating seniors during this global health crisis.”

      Scherer worked to pass Senate Bill 1569, which creates changes to allow the graduation requirements of seniors as a result of the health crisis, including making pass/fail for certain classes. The bill also includes a one-year deferral on teacher licenses. Additionally, Scherer worked to pass a state budget that provides needed funding for MAP Grants and AIM HIGH scholarships for college-bound students.

      “We couldn’t let the efforts of these students and faculty members over the course of this school year go to waste, ” said Scherer. “As chairwoman of the Education Licensing Committee, gaining a clear sense of direction for the education system as we continue to work through this tough situation was extremely imperative. I believe we have taken steps to achieve that goal”

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