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Dear Decatur Celebration Community:

Based on developments over the last week, including updates from local, state and national government, we are officially announcing that the 2020 Decatur Celebration is cancelled.

This decision was difficult, but we are confident that it is the right thing for our community.We have been monitoring the situation for several weeks to make the most informed decision to protect everyone involved. We have reached out to long-time sponsors and trusted advisors to see if there were any other options and after much discussion, agreed this is the right decision for everyone’s health and safety.

     The Decatur Celebration is a much-loved and highly anticipated time of year for the residents of Decatur and surrounding communities. Public health and safety are top priorities for our organization. We are very disappointed that we will not have a 2020 Decatur Celebration, but we are confident that this is the right decision to make. The financial ripple effect of COVID-19 is real. Many organizations – not for profit and profit – will be struggling in the months to come.           The Decatur Celebration is a not for profit, but we also provide funding to many other not-for profits. Annually, approximately $100,000 goes to local non-profits because of their efforts during the Decatur Celebration.

     This year will be especially difficult for those groups who have grown to rely on the Decatur Celebration to help fund their show choir competitions, uniform purchases, sporting events, etc. We recognize this hardship for them and encourage our community to rally around these groups to ensure their survival.

     The Decatur Celebration board and staff appreciates the Decatur community, volunteers, sponsors and partners for their ongoing support and commitment. This time of social distancing will be used to reexamine the scope of our legacy event and focus efforts on organizing fundraising events for this fall.

     The Decatur Celebration board and staff would also like to express our deepest gratitude to our government officials and those health professionals serving on the frontlines who are helping our city, state and nation get through this rapidly evolving crisis. Your work is appreciated.

     We applaud our office rock stars Cheryl and Lori for their hard work and flexibility during these uncertain times. To our producer and director, Jarrod, we thank you for your innovation and tenacity you bring to the organization.

     Today, with Jarrod’s help, we begin planning for the 35th Decatur Celebration that will be held on August 6-8, 2021. Exciting events are lined up for later this year and we invite you to join us. For more information on the festival and other scheduled events, continue to visit for updates.

Stay safe!


Your Decatur Celebration Board of Directors

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