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Councilman Bill Faber Resigns From Decatur City Council



Bill Faber
City Councilman

     City Councilman Bill Faber has tendered his resignation to City Clerk Kim Althoff. Faber, whose term expires in May, has served on the council for eight years. Voters elected Faber to the city council in 2015 and re-elected him in 2019.

     Earlier, Faber announced he would not be a candidate in the upcoming municipal election in April. Faber said that the city council’s policy requiring the support of four members to place an item on the council’s agenda, plus his status as a lame-duck makes his further service on the council seem pointless.

     According to Faber, “As a representative of the citizens, every council member should have the right to place an item on the agenda for discussion and debate of the people’s business. The council’s requirement of four supporting votes to debate an issue silences all opposition and mis-serves democracy.”

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