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Democratic Congressional Candidate Paul Lange, Voices Support For Republican Rodney Davis Bipartisan Bill To Repeal WEP and GPO

QUINCY, IL (Aug 15, 2022) – If Rodney Davis would have won against his opponent in the primaries; Paul Lange would have been running against him in the November election. Although they sit on opposite sides of the aisle, Paul Lange has praised Rodney Davis’ recent bill, the Social Security Fairness Act. The act aims to repeal two provisions to Social Security that prevent certain Americans from receiving their full benefits.

If passed the Social Security Fairness Act would eliminate the Government Pension Offset, which can reduce the Social Security benefits of spouses, widows, and widowers who receive their own government pensions. The act would also eliminate the Windfall Elimination Provision, which sometimes reduces benefits for an individual who also receives a pension or disability benefit from an employer.

Paul Lange’s congressional opponent has yet to publicly support the Social Security Fairness Act, even though it is considered a bipartisan bill that all other congressman in Illinois have chosen to cosponsor with Republican, Rodney Davis.

Paul Lange spoke out about the bill saying, “I have someone I know personally who is affected by one of the provisions in this bill. Yes, I support the repeal of WEP GPO. This bill will help many Americans in District 15; teachers, firefighters, policeman.” 

Paul Lange is the Democratic candidate for House of Representatives running in the 15th District in Illinois. He has garnered a lot of support with his public backing of farmer’s “Right to Repair” legislation and his promise to protect Social Security. For more information on Paul Lange and his campaign visit

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  1. Constance Burks on August 15, 2022 at 11:30 pm

    It is good to see your support for the WEP/GPO. It is so important for people reading your post to know that WE PAID
    over our working years for the Social Security benefits that are being denied us now. All of us had jobs in which we paid for Social Security benefits and then had other jobs where we worked in some county, state or federal government in which we were not allowed to pay into Social Security. Those government jobs are giving us a pension but we also deserve the money that we paid into Social Security in our other jobs as a total for our retirement moneys. This is so important to all of us! #REPEALWEP #REPEALGPO

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