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Jesse Sullivan

AURORA, IL – In a press conference today, Richard Irvin yet again ducked important questions on abortion and his own Democrat voting record, distorted his own background, and blatantly lied about Jesse Sullivan.

He once again omitted details about his defense of violent criminals, his own record of tax hikes, and big-government expansion in Aurora. He presented no ideas or solutions for the state of Illinois, which is more of the same for a campaign that seems to have no relationship whatsoever with the truth.

IRVIN LIE: “[Sullivan] says that he wore, you know, he served in uniform. C’mon. We all know what that means…”


  • A coalition of veterans released an open letter today calling on Richard Irvin to apologize for his disgusting attacks.
  • Jesse Sullivan was an Army civilian, deployed by the Department of Defense to Afghanistan.
  • According to DOD records, Sullivan was a Human Terrain Analyst under US Army TRADOC G2, who led fieldwork and intelligence collections on more than 68 dismounted patrols outside of the wire.
  • Sullivan received the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism, and the Department of the Army Commander’s Award for Civilian Service.
  • Additional background: “As veterans.. we are repulsed” by Irvin ads attacking Sullivan.


IRVIN LIE: ”[Sullivan] advocates and supports open borders. That means he doesn’t really want there to be a United States.”


  • Irvin’s citation is a magazine article, written by someone Jesse doesn’t know, in a college magazine years after Sullivan had graduated. Sullivan had nothing to do with it.
  • Richard Irvin has voiced support for sanctuary cities and as mayor of Aurora, praised a law to limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities as “the right, just and fair thing to do.”
  • Sullivan believes in enforcing the law, and does not support sanctuary cities or preventing federal authorities from enforcing the law.

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  1. karen m mickley on May 10, 2022 at 7:50 pm

    I hope Jesse Sullivan gets the TV ads out there to set the facts straight. This election is so important and its vital Jesse is elected the next governor of Illinois.

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