Letters: Abuse Of Sheep Entrenched In Global Wool Industry

Dear Editor:       Sheep are such gentle individuals that children sing nursery rhymes about them and adults count them to help us doze off. Yet when we buy wool sweaters and winter coats, we are supporting a violent industry that leaves these animals broken and bloody. PETA and its international affiliates have repeatedly revealed that…

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Letters To The Editor

Decatur Golden K Kiwanis Club Expresses Thanks For Peanut Sales Days Success Dear Editor:      On behalf of the Decatur Golden K Kiwanis Club I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the people and businesses of Decatur who helped make our Peanut Sales Days a success. Without your generous help and donations we…

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Small Businesses Hurt If Minimum Wage Raised To $12 Per Hour   Dear Editor:      In reading Bill Faber’s column (Oct. 10), I am compelled to write a response. His suggestion was to raise the minimum wage to $12 to ensure that God will be pleased with our town and this will somehow eliminate the video gaming.…

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