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Paul Osborne

After going to press with this week’s print edition of the Decatur Tribune I received an update on the inventory of DHS/SDHS trophies’ location from Denise Swarthout, Chief Communications Officer, Decatur Public Schools, who has been very helpful in our search.

She sent me the following information Wednesday morning: “Here’s an inventory of the trophies that are now here at the Keil building, as well as more that are still in storage at Stephen Decatur:

At Keil Building from DHS/SDHS:

  • 1931 State Championship
  • 1936 State Championship
  • 1945 State Championship
  • 1962 State Championship
  • 1912  4th in State
  • 1937 2nd in State
  • 1951 4th in State
  • 1960 4th in State
  • 1964 3rd in State
  • 1966 4th in State

Still in storage at SDSM:

  • 8 gold basketball trophies from regional/conference championships

There are still other items that have been found in storage that have not been inventoried, so it appears that a lot of DHS/SDHS items have not been discarded or lost — which is great news!

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  1. darrell smith on January 17, 2024 at 7:24 pm

    do you know what happened to all the pictures that were in the lobby of the old gym of all the all staters and others

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