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Information on new garbage carts/totes being delivered in Decatur


Decatur, IL – Decatur residents are starting to receive new garbage carts/totes and the City wants to provide some clarity.
     As part of the garbage & recycling ordinance changes, adopted December 2023, all residential customers are required to use a 64 or 96-gallon wheeled cart/tote for garbage collection, and a separate 64 or 96-gallon wheeled cart/tote for recycling. It is the responsibility of the private hauler to provide and replace these carts (both garbage and recycling) at no additional charge.
     Recently the haulers have begun delivering new carts to many of their Decatur customers. Some notes:
     If you receive a cart/tote that you do not need because you already have an acceptable 64 or 96-gallon cart/tote, simply call your hauler and they will take back the cart
     You are allowed to use EITHER a 64 or 96-gallon cart/tote. Most of the deliveries have been the larger 96-gallon cart
     If you accept the new cart and want to get rid of your old cart, you may call your hauler and they will remove the old cart for no charge. This will not count towards your bulky item allowance
     If you do not receive a new cart and you would like one, you can call your hauler and ask that they deliver a new cart/tote, either 64 or 96-gallon in size
Reminder on 2024 rates:
     Basic service (collection of ONE garbage tote): $23.50/month or $47 bi-monthly
     Expanded basic service (collection of TWO garbage totes): $34.50/month or $69 bi-monthly

To reach your Decatur hauler:
Waste Management: 800-796-9696
GFL: 217-935-5652
Jeremy Doolin Disposal: 217-422-5298
Doolin Disposal: 217-423-1680
Murrell’s: 217-519-0910

For more information on garbage/recycling, visit the City’s website:

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