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City Council Approves 2023 Property Tax Levy, Northeast Lift Station Design, New City Website Proposal


     Highlights from the December 18, 2023, Decatur City Council meeting include approval of the 2023 City property tax levy, a contract to provide final designs for a sanitary sewer lift station in the northeast quadrant of Decatur, and a proposal to redesign the City’s website.

2023 Property Tax Levy

     On Monday night the Decatur City Council approved the 2023 City property tax levy, to be paid in 2024. The City will levy $15.78 million in 2024, a three percent increase versus the prior year tax levy. This means a Decatur property owner with a property value of $100,000 in 2023 would pay about $48 more to the City of Decatur in property taxes in 2024.
Despite the estimate that Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) would go up an average of 10-12 percent in Decatur, Council members said they wanted to act with restraint and limit the increase in property taxes to three percent. With the City facing increases in costs due to inflation, a small increase was necessary. Even though the levy is increasing, the property tax mill rate is lower compared to last year, down from $1.619 per $100 of EAV to $1.505 in 2024.
Property owners should be aware that the City of Decatur accounts for about 15 percent of their total property tax bill. How much the other 85 percent of their bill may increase will depend on what the other taxing bodies set their levy at.

Northeast Sanitary Sewer
Lift Station

     City Council will continue supporting development in the northeast quadrant of Decatur. They approved a professional services agreement with Clark Dietz, Inc. to provide final design services for the Brush College Road sanitary sewer lift station.
     This area of Decatur is booming with development, but certain parts are still unsewered. To support the already-announced development, and continue to attract new industrial development to the area, final design services for a lift station have been secured. The location of the lift station is proposed for ¼ mile south of the Brush College/Reas Bridge intersection. Also part of the project is the extension of a sewer main to Woodford Street and a gravity sewer to serve the immediate area that can also be expanded to the east or north in the future.
The cost for design services will not exceed $1,388,660.

New City website

     The City’s website will receive a needed upgrade in 2024. Council accepted a proposal from CivicPlus to redesign the City’s website, making it more user-friendly and reorganizing information that citizens need most.
     The current City website has not received significant updates since it was launched in 2016. It has been kept fairly up to date as far as content is concerned, but the website has not been reorganized or refreshed in several years.
     CivicPlus is the largest municipal website developer in the country. Their goal is to get a user to their desired information in three clicks or fewer. The website will also include a chatbot that will automatically provide answers to citizen questions. The City will also be using a newsletter tool to electronically deliver brief news/information to citizens.
     Launch date of the new site is TBD in 2024.

More information about these topics can be found in the City Council Agenda packet, downloadable/viewable here:


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