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Defending the Family: Rep. Mary Miller Launches the Congressional Family Caucus




U. S. Rep. Mary Miller

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL) will be joined by Reps. Diana Harshbarger (R-TN) and Brian Babin (R-TX) in launching the Congressional Family Caucus.

The Congressional Family Caucus will serve to defend the natural family from attempts by the radical left to erode this core foundation of our society. Reps. Miller, Harshbarger, and Babin will initiate legislation favorable to American families, and discuss the effects major legislation will have on the family.

“For years, we have witnessed a concerted effort by activists on the Left to abolish the natural family,” Miller said. “Today, I am launching the Congressional Family Caucus because I believe we have a moral obligation as servant representatives to protect and conserve the family. The natural family, a man and a woman committed for life to each other and to their children, is essential for a nation to prosper because the family is the root of self-government, service, community, and personal responsibility. I am honored to be joined by my co-chairs, Representatives Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee and Brian Babin of Texas, in our efforts to protect the family.”

Co-Chairs Reps. Diana Harshbarger and Brian Babin released the following statements on the launch of the Congressional Family Caucus:

“As you look around and take inventory of the struggles in our nation, the vast majority can be traced back to the demise of the family unit,” said Congresswoman Harshbarger. “Children can have no greater inheritance than the godly legacy left to them by their parents. I am proud to co-found the Congressional Family Caucus to promote policies that support and strengthen families.”

“The natural family, ordained by God, is the foundation upon which our country was built,” said Congressman Babin. “The Congressional Family Caucus will promote policies that are God-driven and family-focused. Our goal is to conserve and protect American families and ensure they prosper for years to come.”

Congresswoman Miller spoke on the House Floor on the creation of the Congressional Family Caucus:

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