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City Council updates regulations of Lake Decatur, approves roadwork for IL 121, more assistance for renters & homeowners






Decatur, IL – Highlights from the February 21, 2023 Decatur City Council meeting include updated regulations for Lake Decatur, a major roadwork project for Mt. Zion Road, and more rent, mortgage, & utility assistance approved for Decatur residents.

Updated regulations for Lake Decatur

On Tuesday night the Decatur City Council approved a number of updates to rules and regulations for Lake Decatur. The updates to City Code Chapter 66 include general regulation of the Lake, along with updates to rules for boating and docks. With the completion of the $92 million dredging project, the Council has prioritized the protection of the Lake and the City’s drinking water supply. Many of the approved changes were recommended by the City’s watershed management consultant, Northwater Consulting.

One of changes was the addition of reasonable dimensions for docks. The dimensions are similar to Lake Springfield regulations. Current dock structures will be grandfathered in and only future construction would be subject to new regulations. Another change was improving access to building a dock for those who live up to 1,200 feet away from the Lake – an increase from 500 feet previously. One of the boating changes is the increase of the boating day pass from $10 to $15.

For easier reference, Chapter 66 will be broken down into subchapters – 66.1 for boating regulation, and 66.2 for docks regulation. When updated on the website, you can find Chapter 66 here:

Rt. 121 – Mt. Zion Road – resurfacing project

Route 121 – Mt. Zion Road – will see major roadwork after Council authorization Tuesday. IL Rt. 121 is a state highway, so the City will work with the State of Illinois on the project, which will start at the intersection with US 36 to the edge of the City limits. The estimated $9.2 million project includes resurfacing the stretch of road, improvement to several traffic signals, upgraded sidewalks and curb & gutter, and widening of the median on Airport Road so new railroad gates can be installed.

The City has agreed to kick in about $120,000 of local Motor Fuel Tax funds as part of this City-State agreement. The project is expected to begin this summer and be completed in 2024.

Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance for Decatur residents

Finally, the Council approved another round of rent, mortgage, and utility assistance to be distributed to Decatur residents. The $250,000 of assistance comes from Community Development Block Grants for COVID-19 related expenditures. As in the past, the City is partnering with Dove, Inc. to help manage the distribution. Dove has indicated that a spike in COVID cases has renewed the need for this type of assistance for our community. This newest round of assistance brings the total to over $1 million of assistance the City has provided to residents through Dove.

More information about these topics can be found in the City Council Agenda packet, downloadable/viewable here:

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