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City, Police encourage public to register security cameras and keep them updated


Decatur, IL – The City of Decatur and Decatur Police Department (DPD) is encouraging business and residents to register external security camera systems with DPD and update their systems regularly.

Video recordings of incidents or crimes can be crucial evidence to assist with police investigations. DPD has a private security camera registration program that is designed to deter crime and promote public safety through collaborations between DPD and residents and businesses of the City of Decatur:

Note that at NO TIME will DPD have direct or remote access to registered cameras or the camera system. They will only have the information about your system – kept confidentially – on hand and may reach out to system owners if they would like to review recordings.

“DPD appreciates the community’s involvement in this program and the assistance individuals and businesses provide in solving crimes in their areas,” said Deputy Chief Brad Allen. “In order to ensure your system adequately protects yourself and your property, please take the time to inspect your cameras recording system for proper functionality, and have someone dedicated that knows your system and how to access and review the videos.”

It is also important that security camera systems are maintained and updated often to stay in appropriate working condition. If a camera system isn’t working properly, it would not be useful if a crime occurred within its view.

Using this page, residents and business owners can register their external security camera locations, system details, and submit their contact information. If a crime occurs in view of a privately-owned camera, DPD may search the register for nearby cameras and contact the owner to request to view the camera footage. Having this information readily available allows officers to investigate crimes more efficiently. Absent a court order, system owners may deny access to the video or video system.

The registration process does not take long. At any time, the registrant can request that DPD remove their registration from the database. Thank you for helping keep Decatur safe!

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