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Davis Secures $20.3M in Federal Funding for 15 Community Projects and Highlights Constituent Services

Davis and his staff solved 11,668 constituent cases with government agencies during his decade of service

U. S. Rep Rodney Davis

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13) today announced that he has secured $20,308,790 in Community Project Funding (CPF) for 15 different communities through the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023. Fifteen was the maximum number a Member could request for FY23. The Fiscal Year 2023 spending bill passed both chambers of Congress this week and is expected to be signed into law by the President.
Community Project Funding also known as Congressionally Directed Spending was launched by Congress starting in Fiscal Year 2022. In that fiscal year bill, which became law in March of this year, Davis secured $11,582,659 in CPF for 10 projects which was the maximum a Member could request for FY22. Combining FY22 and FY23 Davis had a 100% success rate securing the 25 maximum Community Project Funding requests totaling $31,891,449. You can get more details on all of his requests on his website.
“As I conclude my service in Congress I am proud to be able to deliver one final time for the communities of the 13th District,” said Rep. Davis. “In 2022 I secured nearly $32 million for 25 community projects – a 100% success rate for all projects requested. These infrastructure, healthcare, workforce, and law enforcement investments will benefit Illinoisans for decades to come.
“I am also extremely proud of my team that worked tirelessly to serve our constituents since I took office in 2013. We were able to solve 11,668 cases for people who were at their wits end on where to turn when government was broken. We made Washington work for them.”
“Thank you to the people of Central and Southwestern Illinois who gave me the opportunity to serve in Congress. It has been the honor of a lifetime.”
Community Project Funding Details – Fiscal Year 2023
Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department
Policing Equipment and Technology Upgrades
The purpose of the funding is to purchase radio transmitters and receivers for first responders within Calhoun County as well as other important equipment. Currently, radio service does not cover the entire county and deputies are unavailable at times due to the varied terrain in the county. Other items they will purchase are body and dash cameras, vehicle laptops and computer storage equipment necessary to preserve data obtained on the cameras. The department currently has no body camera recording capability.
City of Greenfield
City of Greenfield, IL – Construction of New Police Department
The purpose of the funding is to replace the city’s police department building. The current building has severe mold issues and is a state of advanced deterioration that makes it non-salvageable. The city would demolish the current building and replace it with a new one on the downtown square.
City of Greenville
Drinking Water Treatment Plant Construction
The purpose of the funding is to aid in the construction of Greenville’s 3.5 million gallons per day water treatment plant. The current facility was constructed in 1968 and needs replacement to meet modern water quality standards and deliver the volume necessary to sustain the population and industry. Greenville’s system supplies the communities of Donnellson and Mulberry Grove as part of a cooperative agreement and all three communities will see benefits through the delivery of safe drinking water.
Village of Heyworth
Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Reduction
The purpose of the funding is to rehabilitate the sewer collection system though lining, grouting, and replacement to prevent ground water and surface waters from entering the system and overloading pump stations and treatment operations. The Village’s sanitary sewer collection system was built in the late 1960s and leaks extensively. During normal conditions the sanitary sewer system collects nearly twice as much water as the Village produces at its water plant and during rainy conditions this may increase to a factor of ten or greater.
Jersey Community Hospital District
Jersey Community Hospital Infrastructure Upgrades
The purpose of the funding is for Jersey Community Hospital to upgrade the electrical infrastructure of the main hospital, which was built in 1976, as most is original to the building. Additionally, the hospital parking lot needs a significant amount of repairs and expansion, including a new employee parking lot and extension to connect to a roadway for easier navigating and delivery of supplies. Both of these infrastructure needs are significant and the hospital needs to complete these items before any other facility expansion or improvements can be done. The funds would be utilized to fund both of these efforts.
City of Jerseyville
Hollow Avenue Roadway Improvements Phase 2
The purpose of the funding is to reconstruct and widen a key roadway as well as make ADA improvements. This project will allow for the safe and efficient movement of residential, business, and industrial traffic. The work itself will included replacing deteriorated asphalt roadway with concrete pavement, making related subgrade improvements, widening the roadway, storm sewer/drainage improvements, and the addition of an ADA-compliant sidewalks. The project limits extend from North Hickory Street to Waggoner Avenue.
Lincoln Land Community College
Truck Driver Training Expansion
The purpose of the funding is to expand the training lot for the highly successful Lincoln Land Community College truck driver training program and thereby build its capacity to address the shortage of truck drivers in Central Illinois. They will expand the concrete lot, extend lot lighting to the new section, and repaint all lines to fully utilize the existing and expanded lot area. LLCC has been operating a trucking driver training program on its main campus in Springfield, IL since 1998. Since the inception, the program has had 3,415 students enrolled in the program, 3,381 (99%) have graduated with a CDL License and 3,130 (92%) have become employed in the trucking industry. Their CDL program is offered every four to six weeks throughout the year. Lincoln Land holds about 28 sessions per year averaging 161 students annually. The goal of their program expansion is to increase those numbers by about 90 students annually. Currently, Lincoln Land’s program is fully booked four months out.
City of Litchfield
Drinking Water Distribution System Improvements Phase I & II
The purpose of the funding is to make improvements to the city-owned water distribution system. The full project plan has six phases and the first two phases would be funded under this proposal. Phase I provides an 8″ water line to the east side of Lake Lou Yaeger. Phase II replaces the current two 10″ mains with a 14″ main along Illinois Route 16 and Union Avenue from Lake Litchfield to Yaeger Lake Trail including transferring all services to the new main.
County of Macon
Reas Bridge Road Bridges Replacement
The purpose of the funding is to replace two bridge segments over Lake Decatur on a .93-mile section of County Highway 24 along the Northeast Connector of the greater Macon County South and East Beltway project. The current bridges are structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. The west bridge has a federal sufficiency rating of 18.2, the lowest ranked bridge out of 223 structures that are inspected by the County. The east bridge has a rating of 28.3, the fourth worst rated structure.
City of Pana
Drinking Water Transmission Main Replacement
The purpose of the funding is to replace approximately 1.6 miles of deteriorated 14″ cast iron water main with 16″ PVC water main, fittings, services, and interconnects. The current water transmission main was installed in 1949 and was originally used to pump raw lake water. After over 20 years of being the transmission main for raw lake water it was changed to serve as the transmission main for fully treated water. The increasing needs of this current system can be attributed to many factors of the overall design of this water transmission main system. First, the size of this main is not adequate to meet community needs. Next, this main does not have standard rubber gaskets, but gaskets that are constructed from leadite which is no longer recommended for use. Lastly, all of the main breaks experienced in the project area occur at the bell joints resulting in depressurization.
Parkland College
Health Professions Improvement and Expansion
The purpose of the funding is to improve Health Professions education at Parkland College through the purchase of new equipment and the expansion of instructional space. Equipment for surgical technology is required equipment for accreditation standards related to the core curriculum and teaching of the required laboratory skills. Parkland’s Surgical Technology program has doubled in size over the past two decades and expanded to offer new credentials. This growth has led to crowding and scheduling issues which will be addressed through the relocation and renovation of Parkland’s Surgical Technology Lab and Mock Operating Room. Additionally, the Surgical Technology program needs new equipment; the useful life of its current equipment is nearing an end. The updated equipment will include the purchase of a surgical stretcher, surgical scrub sinks, a surgical table footboard, and a utility table. Parkland will also purchase a new Portable X-ray Unit. This unit is a key piece of equipment for the college’s Radiologic Technology program. The unit currently in use can no longer be serviced and is needed for patients who are unable to reach Parkland’s x-ray suite. The portable x-ray unit is a required piece of lab equipment per accreditation standards.
Piatt County Sheriff’s Office
911 Radio Communication System Upgrade
The purpose of the funding is to purchase radio transmitters, receivers, and radios for first responders within Piatt County. The project is designed to provide better coverage throughout the county while providing interoperability between all agencies. The current system has a lot of dead areas where first responders have little to no radio service and cannot reach dispatch or other units to request assistance. In addition, there are different systems in place between services which limits the ability to communicate in times that may be critical.
Sharpsburg & Neighboring Area Water System
Rural Water Distribution System Phase 3
The purpose the funding is to provide rural water service to approximately 52 rural users in Christian County, IL to the north, south, and east of the Village of Stonington. The project will consist of approximately 16 miles of 4″ and 6″ PVC water main, valves, hydrants, fittings, and related items. The Sharpsburg and Neighboring Area Water System (SNAWS) is supplied by Stonington who largely administer their existing rural water network, while SNAWS focuses on expanding to rural customers in the most need.
City of Taylorville
West Main Cross Street Improvements, Webster to Cheney
The funding would be used for rehabilitating a key downtown street section including pavement, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and ramps. The project runs along West Main Cross Street from Webster Street to Cheney Street consisting of two blocks in the business district and four blocks in a residential area. The existing street is brick based with a hot-mix asphalt overlay that reduces the gutter height. Over time the pavement has deteriorated and needs to be replaced after many patches. The project will replace the curb and gutter to IDOT standard heights improving the drainage along the street. Sidewalks will be replaced and new curb ramps will be ADA compliant. Water mains and storm sewers will be updated at the same time to meet current standards and lower the costs of doing those projects separately.
Village of Worden
School Access and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
The purpose of the funding is to repair and replace existing concrete sidewalks throughout the rural village and construct new sidewalks at unserved locations. Over the years these sidewalks have deteriorated to a point of being unsafe. The goal of this project is to provide a safe location for citizens of all ages to move about the community. It is particularly intended for children and parents to be able to safely walk or bike to school.
Community Project Funding Details – Fiscal Year 2022
These were enacted into law in March of 2022 and were previously announced. Provided for informational purposes.
Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
Willard Airport Security Screening Checkpoint Improvements
Chestnut Health Systems
Chestnut Family Health Center Dental Clinic
City of Assumption
Assumption Water System Improvements Phase II: New Water Treatment Plant
City of Carrollton
Carrollton New Water Treatment Plant
City of Farmer City
Farmer City Water Plant Sand Filter Rehabilitation
City of Gillespie
Gillespie Downtown Streetscape
City of Nokomis
Nokomis Drinking Water Treatment Plant System
Millikin University
Millikin University School of Nursing Facility
Piatt County Nursing Home
Emergency Power System Upgrade
Village of Blue Mound
Blue Mound Water System Improvements Division 2: Water Tower Rehabilitation

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