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City Council Approves Water Main Extension Projects, Begins Transit Campus Master Plan


     Highlights from the November 21, 2022 Decatur City Council meeting include the approval of a water main extension project that gives residents access to City water and also improves fire flow, and an agreement to develop the Campus Master Plan for Decatur Public Transit.

Water Main Extension Projects

     On Monday night, the Decatur City Council approved a contract with A&R Mechanical for the 2022 Annual Water Main Extension project. Benefits include providing access to City water where it is not otherwise available, and improving fire flow to areas of the City that have inadequate flow. This $1.41 million project is focused in five areas: Berry Dr., Michigan Ave., the Boiling Springs area, South Shores Dr., and Danceland Rd.

     – Berry Drive and Michigan Ave. areas: will see improved fire flow and better water quality

     – Boiling Springs area: new accessibility to City water for some blocks, improved water flow, and additional fire hydrants

     – Danceland Road: watermains extended to area not currently served with water

     – South Shores Drive: extended watermains will eliminate the need for long private services in this area Work will include the installation of new water mains, fire hydrants, valves, services, traffic control, and associated restoration and sitework.

     The $1.41 million bid from A&R came in below City engineer’s estimates. It will be funded by water capital funds.

Decatur Transit – Campus Master Plan

     As part of their continuing efforts to improve Decatur Public Transit System (DPTS) services, Council approved an agreement with Richard L. Bowen & Associates, Inc. to develop a Campus Master Plan. DPTS recently received grants of $3.78 million and $16.8 million to revamp its campus to support a future no-emissions fleet. The campus will include a state-of-the-art, multi-lane vehicle wash bay, and ample vehicle storage with EV infrastructure and chargers.

     The maintenance garages are capable of accommodating EV vehicles, buses, solar panels on the roofs of buildings, and shared fueling stations. City staff envisions this campus will serve both Transit and Municipal Services. The agreement, not to exceed $276,640, will be funded by Federal Transit Administration grants.

Other Business

     In other business, City Council continued its commitment to demolitions by acting on another nine unsafe and abandoned structures. Staff will now seek court orders that allow these structures to be demolished. Finally, Council approved an ordinance allowing the consumption of alcohol in certain areas for the Downtown Decatur Christmas Walk. The ordinance applies to the 100 block of Merchant Street and 100 block of East Prairie Street. No sales will take place on city right-of-ways, but possession is allowed by this action, and only during the Christmas Walk event.

     More information about these topics can be found in the City Council Agenda packet, downloadable/viewable here:

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