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Rep. Miller Sends Warning to Parents on the Dangers of Rainbow Fentanyl as Halloween Approaches


U. S. Rep. Mary Miller

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL) spoke on the House floor to send a warning to parents on the dangers of rainbow fentanyl, which cartels are trafficking and selling in the United States to appeal to children.

“Mr. Speaker, as Halloween approaches, it is vital that we inform parents of the dangers of fentanyl, which is now the number one killer of young people in America. Fentanyl is an extremely lethal opioid that drug cartels are trafficking across our open southern border.

We must warn parents that cartels are trafficking and selling rainbow fentanyl, which are colorful pills designed to appeal to children. These pills are deadly, and parents should carefully check their child’s Halloween candy this year.

It is tragic that President Biden and his “border czar” Vice President Harris have allowed the border crisis to become so dangerous and pose such a serious threat to our children.

Right now, the immediate danger is fentanyl, and parents must be vigilant.”

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