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Budzinski Slams Deering for Opposition to Lowering Prescription Drug Prices



Nikki Budzinski

Springfield, IL – Today, Nikki Budzinski, candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 13th Congressional district, called out wealthy heiress Regan Deering for her opposition to allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, which would benefit thousands of seniors in Illinois’ 13th Congressional district. Deering opposes the provision that would benefit seniors throughout the district.

Nikki Budzinski made the following statement: “There are over 110,000 seniors living in the state of Illinois that could benefit from lowering prescription drug prices. Prices could fall from 25%-60%, according to some experts. This is relief that will help seniors that need it the most and will make a real impact on their lives to bring down prices. That Regan would oppose allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices is outrageous. She needs to explain why she opposes this provision that would help so many in IL13.”

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