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Regan Deering Issues Statement on Nikki Budzinski’s Extreme Abortion Policies

Regan Deering

“As someone who was given life by a brave mother who chose adoption, the issue of life is personal to me,” said candidate for the 13th Congressional District Regan Deering.  “Nikki Budzinski’s false attacks are an attempt to deflect from her own extreme stance on abortion that is out of touch with our district that she just moved to.”

“A bipartisan majority of Americans oppose Nikki Budzinski‘s radical abortion policies like taxpayer-funding of abortion or repealing parental notification for minors. Even 13th District Democrats like former Sen. Rachelle Crowe, Rep. Jay Hoffman and Rep. Sue Scherer have voted against some of Budzinski’s extreme abortion policies in the General Assembly.

“I am running for Congress to bring people together, instead of feeding into Nikki’s polarization tactics to tear us apart. We must find common ground in areas where we agree and advance policies that promote and respect life.”

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