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City Council Approves Water Agreement With ADM, Continues Infrastructure Investment


 Highlights from the August 15, 2022 Decatur City Council meeting include a water agreement with ADM intended to spurn economic development, more road infrastructure investments, and a discussion on trash and recycling services.

Raw Water Agreement with ADM

     The Decatur City Council on Monday approved a resolution amending the raw water agreement between the City and ADM. The amendment will allow ADM to supply non-potable processed water – or water not treated for drinking purposes – to other businesses that may be synergistic with ADM, or acting in partnership with ADM, and others, so long as the total withdrawal from ADM is no more than 24 million gallons of water per day. This amendment becomes another tool that keeps Decatur competitive and can be used to incentivize economic development for companies that need a large supply of water for industrial or commercial purposes (such as the recently announced LG Chem). The City does not currently have the infrastructure to provide non-potable processed water to industrial companies and it would take millions of dollars to build. Also in the amended agreement, ADM will resume payment of around $1 million annually towards the City’s bonded debt incurred from the dredging project.

     Additionally, moving forward ADM will be subject to the same 2.5 percent per annum multiplier that applies to other yearly water and sewer rate adjustments paid by other customers.

Road Infrastructure Improvements

     The City Council continued its investment in Decatur’s infrastructure with the approval of a contract with Dunn Company for the Annual Street Restoration Project. The project includes nearly $3 million for street restoration improvements to multiple roads within the City. Maps of the scheduled work from this project can be found in the Council packet here: The City’s five-year street/capital improvement plan is here:

Trash and Recycling Services Discussion

     In addition to the action items on Monday’s agenda, the Council had a discussion-only item regarding trash and recycling services in Decatur. No votes or official action was taken on this topic. The City Council is aware that there has been considerable disruption in local solid-waste services over the last few years, partly due to labor shortages, pandemic effects, recycling contract changes, and other factors. The City’s largest private hauler, Waste Management, had a representative available to discuss the company’s progress, staffing solutions, and other changes. In addition, a representative for the group of independent waste haulers answered a few questions. This discussion was just the start of what will likely span several future council meetings and could potentially lead to amendments to Chapter 56 of the City Code – Refuse and Recyclable Removal. More information about these topics can be found in the City Council Agenda packet, downloadable/viewable here:

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