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A positive, issues-based race leads to strong unity behind IL13 Republican nominee Regan Deering

Regan Deering

Decatur, IL– A clean and focused four-way race for the Republican nominee in Illinois’ 13th Congressional district should be a model for the party.  Each candidate made an appeal to voters about their qualifications and priorities in Washington.  As a result, all three Republican contenders are supporting Regan Deering as she moves forward in the general election to challenge Nikki Budzinski. Matt Hausman, Terry Martin, and Jesse Reising know there is nothing more important than defeating the Joe Biden-Nancy Pelosi agenda this November.

Regan Deering, Republican nominee IL13, released the following statement:

“I am honored to have the full support of all three of my Republican challengers. We’re kicking off the General Election with strong Republican unity, which is exactly what we need in this tight race. Running against these three gentlemen made me a stronger competitor and prepared me to take on Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate.”

Matt Hausman: “I greatly appreciate the campaign that Regan, Jesse, Terry, and I all ran. It was issue-focused and not marred by the ugly personal attacks that have stained so many other races. . . Regan ran an excellent campaign, and her victory is well-deserved.  I am confident that she will work just as hard, if not harder, in the general election. . .I am sure she will make great use of that same energy and work ethic to serve the 13th district in Congress.”


Terry Martin: “I met Regan Deering on the campaign trail and came to know her as a very capable, caring individual, who is willing to fight for preserving our American freedoms and our economy.  I am happy to support her run for Congress, and know how critically important it is for her to be elected as the new Congresswoman in the 13th district.”


Jesse Reising: “The important task of keeping the thirteenth red continues. Regan Deering needs our full support as we start looking towards November. We need strong leadership to get our country back on track.”

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