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    The Macon Co. Jail is currently going through the process to replace the current inmate communication system, which includes phone calls and video visitation, with HomeWAV Communications. The new system installation will be going live in certain areas of the jail during the week of May 16, 2022. For most housing units, the switch-over should be completed within a day. (Excluding unforeseen issues.) During this transition, we will be notifying inmates in the affected areas 24 hours in advance of the switch-over as well as posting notices on our Facebook page.  We encourage those with friends or family in our facility to create their HomeWAV account ONLY when they are notified that their housing unit will be switching over.

     The new system is anticipated to be a more reliable system that offers more opportunities for the inmates in our custody to communicate with their loved ones.  Once fully installed, this new system will also offer additional educational and entertainment opportunities for those incarcerated in the Macon Co. Jail.  These opportunities include GED preparation, behavioral health assistance, legal, eBooks & magazines, games and employment education just to name a few.

     For more information on the HomeWAV communications system and how to set up your own HomeWAV account, visit

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