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Jesse Reising Lays Out Vision for the Thirteenth Congressional District


Jesse Reising

Monday, Jesse Reising, candidate for Illinois’ thirteenth congressional district, participated in the Champaign Active Senior Republicans’ candidate forum at the Champaign Public Library. When candidates were asked what they would like the House Republicans’ first priorities to be if they are to regain the majority, Reising said a parents’ bill of rights to increase transparency in public education, and reining in big tech monopolies who censor conservative voices and undermine confidence in our democratic system.

     “Parents have the fundamental God-given right to direct the care, upbringing and education of their children,” said Reising about the need for a parents’ bill of rights. He went on to discuss the out-of-control censorship by Big Tech, saying “I’m a free-market capitalist, but the dissemination of information is no longer free and fair, the market is no longer fair with these big tech monopolies.

     “I want to thank the Champaign Active Senior Republicans for organizing this forum, and to all the citizens who came to hear how together, we can keep IL-13 red this November and stand up for the shared values of Central and Southern Illinois.”

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  1. Hon. Don Gerard on April 14, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    With “red” parts of Illinois being the biggest welfare queens with the worst economy why are republican congressional candidates not focusing on “blue” cities (Champaign) who are the Sugar Daddies who pay for it all?

    And what does congress have to do with public schools? More big, federal government taking away the rights of local taxpayers?

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