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Macon County Treasurer, John Jackson, announced his intention to seek election as Macon County Treasurer, the post to which he was appointed by the County Board in March, 2021. The rural Mt Zion resident, Jackson, will file for nomination in the Republican primary.

“I have enjoyed the challenges of serving these past six months. My office is making progress addressing the issues inherited from my predecessor. I have much more to do,” Jackson stated. Jackson emphasized the hard work of his employees during his tenure in office in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the office. Jackson added, “ I have enjoyed the support of officeholders from both parties and appreciate that we can solve problems reasonably and cooperatively.”

“I must confess that I never clamored for the title of ‘Tax Collector’, but, I understand that the taxes collected are taxpayer’s hard earned money and my office will do its best to accord the taxpayer the greatest respect when doing my job,” Jackson concluded.

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