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Bring God Back To Illinois And Open Up Some Parts Of Our State

Dear Editor:

     Let’s bring God back to Illinois. God is in control not COVID-19. People need to pray not fear. Governor Pritzker is not God although he thinks he is, as does Durbin, Duckworth, and Madigan. Illinois is a financial wreck so Pritzker tries to extort money from the federal government. He is a laughing stock in DC while Illinois is held hostage. Open up Illinois, at least central and downstate.

     I am a 67 year old lady who does not use computers or smart phones. Shopping was fine until now. I will not be forced to wear a mask. I have hearing aids in both ears, and wear glasses. Hooking something else on my ears will not work. Breathing is difficult with mouth and nose covered.

     Trump made a choice, why can’t I? I understand what is going on. My husband is a Fair Havens resident and his daughter is an RN at DMH. I would be in Springfield protesting but my car won’t make it. How can we get word to Pritzker that people disagree with his decisions.

     Please open up, the rest of Illinois. We are not Chicago!

Rosemary Greenwell, Decatur

Show Compassion To Chickens And All Animals

To the Editor:

     May 4th was International Respect for Chickens Day, and may the “fourth” be with you—and all of us—when speaking up for these smart, thoughtful birds. In PETA President Ingrid Newkirk’s new book, Animalkind, we are invited to join “a revolution in human behavior that one day will be the norm,” where we stop confining and killing animals for their flesh, skin, and secretions, and instead celebrate their unique intelligence, relationships, and communication strategies.

     For example, University of California researchers found that chickens have an alphabet of 24 unique sounds, which usually relate to specific events. These birds are able to form a “mental picture,” and can tailor their communication, depending on their conversational partner. Hens are loving, caring mothers to their babies, and get upset when they observe signs of stress amongst their chicks.

     The World Economic Forum conservatively estimates that 50 billion of these empathetic birds are killed every year for human consumption, with the United States contributing to nearly 20% of these deaths. We can show compassion to chickens—and all animals—by refusing to confine them for our appetites, and purchasing healthy, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free vegan products.

     Learn more interesting animal facts by visiting to watch Ingrid Newkirk’s illuminating Animalkind talk and order a copy of the book for yourself.

Jessica Bellamy, The PETA Foundation Norfolk, VA

Voting By Mail Should Replace Voting At The Polls

Dear Editor:

     Voting by mail should replace voting at the polls in it’s entirety. The two institutions that can definitely be trusted is the County Board of Elections and the United States Postal Service. The money saved by eliminating the need for poll workers could be used to offer free postage on the envelopes used to vote by mail.

     The person voting would also have more time to consider what they are voting for and would not be confined to the hours of the polling place. It would also prevent unwanted entry to schools and churches from anyone trying to harm someone. In addition the voter would not be harassed by someone trying to place unsolicited campaign literature into their hand.

     The additional revenue would boost the Postal Service and perhaps keep it afloat until we as a country are able to vote online. Voting by mail would solve the registered voter problem and guarantee safe passage of the ballots to the County Board of Elections.

Joe Bialek, Cleveland, OH 

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  1. Roger German on May 8, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    Voting by mail is a bad, bad idea. It is a conduit for voter fraud

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