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     Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Macon County Court will reduce operations to essential court functions in order to minimize personal contact and deter the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The court will strive to ensure access to justice by performing essential court functions and take necessary precautionary measures consistent with public safety and the recommendations of federal, state and local public health advisories. Measures have already been taken to start reducing court proceedings to essential court functions.

     The following procedures shall remain in effect through March 31 unless extended by further order of the court. The following cases and court proceedings are postponed through Mar 31 unless extend further by the court:

     • Civil cases (L, LM, MR, CH, AD, TX) • Traffic, conservation, and ordinance violation cases (TR, DT, CV , OV)

     • Criminal misdemeanors cases (CM) – except for those defendants in custody

     • Probate (P) – except emergency guardianship cases will proceed unless ordered otherwise

     • Small Claims and mortgage foreclosures (SC, CH)

     • Family Court (F, D, IV-D) • Juvenile cases – with the exceptions set forth below

     • Marriage ceremonies

     The attorney of record or unrepresented party in each case will receive a notice in the mail rescheduling their case. It is the responsibility of the litigant to ensure your current address is on file with the clerk. Upon rescheduling, the Macon County Circuit Clerk’s website will be updated with the new court dates. Currently-scheduled status dates may be converted to phone conference upon request. Emergency matters may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Individuals shall contact the judicial clerk for the judge assigned to the case for purposes of scheduling emergency matters.

     The following cases and court proceedings will be held as scheduled:

     • Criminal felony cases (CF)

     • Juvenile hearings (JA, JD) – temporary detention hearings and shelter care hearings only

     • Domestic violence proceedings for order of protection, stalking/no-contact orders, or civil no-contact orders (OP)

     • Emergency hearings on family matters (D, F) as scheduled by the court

     • Mental Health cases (MH)

     • Specialty Courts on a limited essential basis

     • Other cases on a case-by-case basis in the discretion of the court Individuals should not enter the courthouse if they:

     • Have been in any of the following countries within the last 21 days: China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, or Iran; or

     • Reside with or had close contact with anyone who has been in one of the above countries within the last 21 days: or

     • Have been directed by a medical provider to quarantine, isolate or self-monitor at home for the coronavirus;

     • Have been diagnosed with, or have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19; or

     • Have flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, or shortness of breath. If you are an attorney or litigant and you are unable to appear in court as required because of the above restrictions, please once the Macon County Circuit Clerk.

     The court will make reasonable accommodations and reschedule appearance and hearings as needed. Continuances will be liberally granted. Cleaning staff will continue to disinfect touch surfaces and hand sanitizer is provided throughout the courthouse. The court strongly encourages litigants not to bring family or friends to court appearances in any case. Modifications to the above procedures may become necessary on short notice.

     Thank you for your patience. Stay safe.

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