Letter Nothing More Than Another Ill Informed Hitler-Trump Comparison From The Left

Dear Editor:

     The letter of Donna Cochran in the 20 Nov issue comparing President Trump is nothing more than another ill informed and tiresome screed from the left with a fallacious and ill informed Hitler-Trump comparison. One wonders why the rush to cross our borders if there is such fear of persecution in this country. A much better comparison would be the actions of that well known liberal Franklin Roosevelt.

     Where as today’s illegals are rightfully presumed to be guilty of violating our laws until proved otherwise, President Roosevelt did not even bother with that nicety. Instead he had 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, 11,550 German and 10,000 Italian rounded up and placed in detention during WW II. All had left dictatorships in order to come to the US and all had entered the country legally. A substantial number already had American citizenship, and fewer than a dozen foreign nationals were ever convicted of aiding the Axis powers. Their only crime was a failure to pick a more acceptable ancestry. This is the same president who blocked an anti-lynching law to placate the southern democrats whose support he needed for his economic programs, most of which were failures until the war absorbed the workforce.

     Of note also was his release from federal prison of Mafia Capo Charles “Lucky” Luciano, a fellow New Yorker, on the grounds the he could aid the war effort with his connections in Italy. There is no record that he was of any assistance in that area. There are any number of political reasons to oppose the administration’s policies but to merit any attention, they should at least have the veneer of fact.

Donald Link,  Louisville, Ky.

Some Really Fine People In Good Old Decatur

Dear Editor Paul Osborne:

     I am a long time subscriber to your wonderful local newspaper. Other than my time serving in the US Army, my life has centered in Decatur. I have travelled in every state excepting Alaska and throughout Europe for business and pleasure. I’ve had a very fun life of happiness with no regrets! What has astounded me is the number of people in our dear city who have approached me as complete strangers and have prepaid my lunches or dinners.

     While I deeply appreciate their kindness I’m able to buy my meals, and I am looking every day to pay it forward, as the saying goes. To date, this has happened seven time in the last two weeks. I just want to say that with all the negatives I’ve overheard here about our city, I must say there are many fine people yet in our fair city. I am 94 and still work part-time and I am now a widower for seven months after 67 years to a wonderful wife and these are strangers who have no knowledge of that. These folks want to do something nice for others!

     We have the finest of people right here in good old Decatur, Illinois. I may not ever know the names of those folks, but will aways remember them because of their thoughtfulness and kindness to strangers.

Larry Weaver

Decatur Operation Enduring Support Thanks Community For Help

     Operation Enduring Support mailed 140 Christmas Care Packages to our deployed military on December 2nd. Our community was very generous this year with their donations and volunteers. Working together we have sent our love and encouragement to many military stationed in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Kuwait, four ships at sea, and several undisclosed locations. During this year we have been able to mail 296 boxes with your help. Thank You for caring and supporting our deployed military.

Ann Irwin, OES Director Decatur

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