More Memories Of The 1962 Runnin’ Reds State Basketball Championship

Dear Editor:

     I wish to offer the following information to be added to your recent coverage of the 1962 Runnin Reds State Basketball Championship. 1962 was my freshman year. I was not able to attend the games in Champaign. I was able to watch them on TV. Before the Championship Game, my Dad said he would take us down to meet the team if we won the game. To our delight, we won!

     So after the game, my sister, a neighbor friend, my Dad and I headed down to Kintner Gym. We were really early. The only other people there were the janitors. The bleacher seats on the main floor had not been pulled open. So, we sat in the front row of the balcony. We watched as the janitors spread the canvas tarp over the basketball court. Soon, people began coming in and began to fill the floor. By the time the team and trophy arrived the floor was a sea of people. I’m sure the balcony filled up too. When they lit up the scoreboard with the final score, a huge cheer erupts. It was a great party!

     When we left to go home, every car was honking its horn in the downtown area. Those were the Days! Thanks for keeping Decatur memories alive and rekindling our own, with your stories in the Decatur Tribune!

George H. Wentworth, Jr.

SDHS Class of ‘65

Glenn Ellyn, IL

Suggestion To Deal With Semi-Truck Traffic On Lake Shore Drive

Dear Editor:

     In response to your article in the October 16 edition of the Tribune regarding semi-truck traffic on Lake Shore Drive, I would offer this suggestion: reduce Lake Shore Dr to three lanes of traffic for its entire length from the Business Route 51/ Lake Decatur bridge to Cantrell St. Those three lanes would be one (wide) through lane in each direction and a center left turn lane. At several critical intersections, such as MLK Dr., Jasper St. and 16th St/Lost Bridge Rd., additional turn lanes could be added and right turn lanes could be added where necessary. This would get all turning traffic, right or left, out of the through lanes.

     Lake Shore Dr is too narrow for four lanes of heavy traffic, much of which is semi-truck traffic. Also, traffic lights could be synchronized so that eastbound heavily loaded grain trucks could move through with minimal stops. I believe traffic would move much more smoothly and efficiently on the through lanes than it does now. It seems this could be done relatively inexpensively on an experimental basis. It would only involve re-striping the road and no major construction project.

John Sellers


City Leaders Are On Covert Annexation Frenzy To Increase Decatur’s Population Numbers To Regain State Funding

Dear Editor:

     Decatur Macon County residents beware.

     The recently appointed Decatur City Manager Scot Wrighton, Mayor Julie Moore, City Council, and City Legal Counsel Wendy Morthland are on a covert annexation frenzy to increase Decatur’s population numbers to regain state funding due to declining numbers. The last major annexation effort by the City was in 2016. At that time the Council attempted to annex an entire Addition into the City of Decatur via a blanketed method. The residents of the affected Addition banded together in opposition.

     Several residents appeared before City Council and expressed their opposition to annexation. Those residents were able to quelch the proposed annexation. Now fast forward to 2019: Under direction of (new) Manager, Mayor, Council are ensconced in a huge annexation scheme to annex several County properties that were outside of city limits into the City of Decatur.

     This time (unlike 2016) the current regime is operating under a veil of secrecy, attacking properties one at a time preventing property owners’ knowledge of annexation until they receive a letter, thus averting groups the chance to band together and protest. Residents affected are being systematically singled out.

     I live in Wilcox Addition, Decatur Township. I bought my lot because it was outside of City limits. The plan is to annex all of my Addition and proceed west to Wyckles Road. There are similar efforts taking place in Hickory Point Township and other areas. I received a certified letter about my ensuing annexation after my neighbor signed his petition. I attempted to appeal; I protested at a City Council meeting. I was threatened to have my water shut off. The City is blindsiding County residents in order to attain State funding. Attention current “County” property owners: be prepared for a surprise in your mailbox from the City of Decatur.

Dennis Minks, Decatur

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