Caulkins Running For Re-Election As State Representative In 101st District


Rep. Dan Caulkins

     Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) has announced that he is running for reelection as State Representative in the 101st District.

     “This year, the far-left extremists who now control the Democratic party pushed through the most radical agenda in the history of our state,” Caulkins said. “The just passed Capital Bill included doubling the gas tax in addition to 21 other taxes and fee hikes totaling almost $45 Billion – hurting Central Illinois families. All of this was passed after we showed the Democrats that we could balance our budget without raising taxes. In spite of that, they continue to insist on more frivolous spending rather than pension and spending reforms and have proposed a Constitutional Amendment that will raise taxes even further, causing more and more people to leave our state.

     “Now more than ever, we need common-sense, conservative leaders who are willing to fight against this radical agenda.”

     As State Representative, Caulkins voted against the legislation that doubled the state’s gas tax, increased license plate renewal fees, as well as increased taxes on cigarettes and promotes more gambling. Caulkins also opposed the radical abortion bill that allows abortions right up to the moment of birth and will effectively eliminate parental notification for young women under the age of 18. He also opposed the unworkable FOID card bill as well as the Constitutional Amendment to implement a progressive income tax.

     Rep. Caulkins co-sponsored a bill that extends insurance benefits to Lyme disease patients – a much-needed step for people struggling with the disease that oftentimes could lead to bankruptcy when insurance companies would refuse to cover its treatments. Caulkins also cosponsored a bill requiring insurance to cover lifesaving EpiPens to Illinoisans 18 and under. This bill will allow families to afford the potential lifesaving medication that EpiPens provide. He also helped pass a bill to lower prescription drug costs for Illinois residents while protecting local pharmacies.

     “My re-election campaign and second term will be focused on making the much-needed changes in Springfield to help all of the people of Illinois,” Caulkins said. “I have put term limits on myself – so there is a lot of work to do in a short period of time.”

     Caulkins said he will continue to fight the Constitutional Amendment to bring a Progressive Income Tax system to Illinois, work with a coalition of organizations to re-negotiate the $15/hour statewide minimum wage, forcefully protect the 2nd Amendment and actively promote legislation that will help improve the lives of Central Illinois families.

     “Pension reform and a Fair Map in 2021 are top priorities of mine,” Caulkins said. “I’m also working with our staff in Springfield, drafting several pieces of legislation that will be introduced next January. We need to reform the FOID card process, strengthen parental rights when DCFS is involved, correct the driver’s license regulations for legal immigrants and continue our efforts to lower the cost of prescription drugs.”

     Caulkins was elected State Representative for the 101st Illinois House District in 2018. He has previously served on the Decatur City Council, served 22 years in the military and is a small business owner. He and his wife Jo have been married for 45 years and live in Decatur. For more information, visit

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