The People Speak In ‘Letters To The Editor’ For Aug. 21


Forgetting God Has Consequences

Dear Editor,

     In 2016, there were 11,004 gun homicides in the United States, Additionally, 10,497 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Why do leftists demonize guns but are silent when it comes to alcohol’s role in DUI deaths? Some big government types want new legislation severely restricting gun purchases. But it won’t work.

     Recently, a convicted felon walked into the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago and open fired with a rifle; another convicted felon with an extensive criminal history of weapons opened fire on Philadelphia police officers, wounding six; and a shooter, also a felon, killed a California Highway Patrol Officer. Current gun laws did not stop these criminals who are already legally barred from possessing a firearm from using guns to attack others. We should stop the feckless politicking and political correctness and admit that we have a cultural problem.

     We should look at the rise in secularization, family breakdown, drug abuse, mental illness, identity-politics and demand personal responsibility and accountability. BTW – with the legalization of weed, the numbers of intoxicated drivers and deaths will certainly increase in the coming years, as will violence-related marijuana-induced psychosis. Forgetting God and His ways have consequences.

David E. Smith, Illinois Family Institute, Tinley Park, IL

Photo Of Hobby House Triggered Old Memory

Dear Mayor Osborne,

     I enjoyed seeing the picture of Hobby House in the August 7th edition of the Tribune. When I was a kid, I had a small HO model railroad. Hobby House had three Northern Pacific railroad passenger cars for sale. With my earnings from my newspaper route, I could only afford one passenger car. So, I ended up with a railroad engine pulling a single car around my oval railroad track! Thanks for triggering an old memory!

John A. Smith, Forsyth

Public Schools Will Now Be Used To Corrupt Morals Of Children

Dear Editor:

     So now Gov. Pritzker signed a bill, House Bill 246, that will ensure students in Illinois public schools will learn about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in state and national history. Of course there is no fair and balancing law which ensures that students learn about the similar contributions of the millions of decent moral Americans (and a few billion people around the world) opposed to the normalization of immoral sexual activity and sexual/gender disorders.

     Since thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is clearly immoral (Plato, for example, perceptively taught that over two thousand years ago, and many other intellectuals have taught that over the centuries), what this new law means is that Illinois’s public schools will now be used to promote immoral, disordered lifestyles. In other words, the public schools will now be used to corrupt the morals of children.

     Decent ethical people should be outraged over this. In a way, this can be considered a subtle form of child abuse, of taking advantage of children. Children are too young to be able to refute the lame and silly “arguments” heterophobic homosexuals use. The indisputable facts are: female minds in male bodies and male minds in female bodies and homosexual minds in heterosexual bodies are obvious signs that something went wrong somewhere (in nature and/or nurture), are obvious signs of mind/body mismatches or disorders.

     So to put transgenders and heterophobic homosexuals on the same level as normal heterosexuality is clearly absurd. No rational person can deny that. (But liberals have a problem processing inconvenient facts.) School districts around this state should not take this extremist liberal nonsense sitting down. They should get together and sue the heck out of the state and take the case, if need be, all the way to the Supreme Court, which thankfully is becoming more conservative (and more rational).

Wayne Lela, Downers Grove, Illinois

Easton’s Valediction Speech Included Reference To Believing That God Made Him Gay

Dear Editor:

     Matt Easton, as part of his valedictorian speech at BYU, recently announced that he was “proud to be a gay son of God”. Brother Easton believes God made him gay, but God wouldn’t create him to be someone that couldn’t return to His presence; for no unclean thing can enter into the presence of God; (3 Nephi 27:19). Christians are suppose to be in the world but not of the world, but with Easton’s gay pride statement approved by BYU officials as part of his speech, we ask “Where is the world going?” The answer is, it is going to the dogs.

     That is what Jesus Christ thinks of homosexuals; see His response to the woman from Greece, an ancient hotbed of homosexuality in Mark 7:24-28. Beware of pride Mr. Easton. “Pride is the hallmark character trait of Satan;” (Ezra Taft Benson). Satan was not created as Satan. Lucifer chose to be Satan through rebellion to God the same way you have rebelliously chosen a homosexual orientation; and you do Satan’s bidding in leading others away from God with your pride. Repent before it is everlastingly too late.

Michael W. Jarvis, Salt Lake City, Utah

Reported Unauthorized Door To Door Solicitors Decatur/Macon County

     The Macon County Sheriff’s Office has received information that there are currently solicitors in the Decatur/Macon County area that are purporting to be soliciting donations on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police.  The Macon County Fraternal Order of Police has never conducted door to door or telephonic solicitations. If you live in Decatur or Macon County and an individual(s) comes to your door saying they represent the Fraternal Order of Police, DO NOT give them any money and immediately report it to your local law enforcement agency. All individuals utilizing the Fraternal Order of Police logo or name must be registered and given permission through the National Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police.

     The Macon County Fraternal Order of Police #144 & the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police take the illegal and unauthorized use of the name and associated insignia very seriously.

Lt. Jamie Belcher, Macon County P.I.O.

Sgt. Scott Flannery, Macon County F.O.P. #144 President

Decatur School District’s B.O.L.D. Plan Has Curb Appeal Only

Dear Editor:

     A recent flyer entitled, “Back to School with B.O.L.D. Improvements”, was mailed to the community stating it was from the Superintendent of Decatur Public Schools, but it read as though the school board had written it verbatim. The flyer mentioned extensive community engagement in addressing the building of a high quality educational environment in Decatur. Yet, one wonders how many teachers and parents actually had any input into the “B.O.L.D.” plan? In addition, it appears the school board wants to raise our property taxes to accommodate the renovation or closings of our schools when, initially, we were told the B.O.L.D.plan could be covered within the current budget or through grants. Let’s examine what this board has done in two plus years to warrant a request to raise our taxes. They have closed Thomas Jefferson and moved 950+ students into Stephen Decatur Middle School.

     The first day of school found 50 students sitting in the Galleria all day for lack of schedules and no one seemed to know what to do to rectify the situation. When school opened, the renovations at Stephen Decatur Middle School were not completed and workers were still on site. One wonders what all of the over-time cost has been to have this work completed, which it is not. The board has closed schools without communicating with teachers regarding their desires for what works best for kids. It has been noted that the first day of school, many elementary schools had to double up classrooms in order to accommodate more students.

     School started with 26 elementary teaching positions not filled. Class sizes have gone up. In addition, school started with a total of 40 positions not filled. If a district is not ready to open, then why do it? I guess it would be admitting that perhaps DPS is not the “destination” district the board would have us believe it is. One could not help but view the bottom of the mailed flyer which emphasized “economic growth” in our community and attracting new businesses to Decatur.

     Nothing was mentioned about student achievement or teaching and learning. The emphasis on business and economic growth is what happens when you have business people, (non-educators), running a school district and making decisions for teachers, principals, parents and students. In two years, we have seen little or nothing addressing teaching and learning from this board.

     Where are the district-wide, sequential curriculums for all courses so that teachers have a guide as to what to teach and can use their own creativity as they address connected learning? Where is the district-wide instructional reading program that involves direct instruction, reading for comprehension, contextual clues, reading for ideas or reading for specific information? Guided Reading is more an activity, not a sequential, grade-level specific instructional reading program. So, school board, you want to raise our taxes?

     Perhaps, if you stopped hiding behind your “sound bite” philosophies and started facing the true needs of teachers and students, you could ask for a raise in taxes. It seems as though your B.O.L.D. Plan has curb appeal only and what goes on inside of our schools is not changing. The real educational needs of our students are not being met. As it stands now, one doubts that you would have the support of the tax-paying community.

B.A.Buttz, Decatur


  1. Roger German on August 21, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Mr Buttz, you sound like a bitter former school board member, thanks for reminding us why we made a change in school board members

  2. Angie Horvath on September 17, 2019 at 11:23 am

    Once again, B.A., you nailed it. Thank you.

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